So i am adding to this Poem [Link below]
Reading that original continues the story that i coincidentally made which is symbolic to my life. Below the link is the stanza that continues it. How ever it has a different flow then the other.


As i shiver by your presence
The a Blizzard brews in your life
I've been buried in the snow alone
You've been sheltered in cave with companions
My hand reaches out of the snow
Which you blindly step on

[Winter passes]

"Summer Ends"

You were a weeping angel
I am just a man
Now you are a weeping girl on pile of feathers
I offered you my hand
Your disguising face rejects my offer
I leave you with a note of my heart
Silence from your mouth

[The End]

The note tells her that i no longer want to have anything to do with her.? Couldn't think of anything to go on with that. otherwise the last few lines would really stink.

I have lost all interest in love, i have left my heart behind because it is to weak to carry on. Untill the day i find the one who is worth finding myself again. I will always cold.

[Update #1] : Few seconds after posting this
The first stanza this entry marks 3 years of my life with winter lasting 3 years metaphoric of course, the last Stanza is the last 2 weeks of graduation and including the night of graduation till the morning of 7 am the day after which ends with me and her. What a ******** horrible Bus ride it was with her. oh ya this was months ago from this date.of the entry.