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Dark Poetry
The journal of Demitri Romanov
Front of Page 1, 6th day of the 5th month of my 16th year.

I start this journal because in another month i am to go on The Hunt and find me a life mate. I have to admit im nervous but im also excited to find a mate that will provide me with happiness, love and companionship for the rest of my life, I just hope i can return the same for my future mate. I know i will do whatever i can to ensure they get all they desire and need while with me,i have hopes to bare a few pups with my mate and share the knowledge ive gained from my parents so i can watch them grow happy and strong before they go off to carry on our bloodline and keep our clan strong. On a darker note it seems some of our clans elderly and the young, are coming down with some sickness, i pray my mother and our other healers can figure out whats wrong with them and get them healed. For now i pray to the goddess to help with that and do my part to bring in food and do chores for the clan while carrying on my studies with my father. I just hope he wont be disappointed in any mate i bring home, i know he would like it if i brought home a strong female warrior, but i honestly dont care if my mate is a warrior or not, i just want them to be healthy and happy that they are with me. May the black flames of our clan guide me and give me strength to come back successful.

Back of page 1 , 7th day of the 5th month of my 16th year

(( The top half of the page has a Hand drawn Portrait of a female from his clan))

My dear mother, Our clans best healer and the daughter of the Flame clan chief before she coupled with my father. I draw this picture from memory so while im out on my hunt i can look to it and think on what all my mother has taught me to expect out in the hunt. She has always been the light that helped guide me when my fathers answers to my questions were to rough or blurred to understand. I know mother will be happy with any mate i bring home, especially more so since she wants grandchildren. Considering im a only child, which was never explained why to me... I guess i should do her that kindness and give her enough grandchildren that she will die happy when she reaches the time for her to depart this world. Which i hope wont be for many many more winters.

Front of Page 2, 7th day of the 5th month of my 16th year

((top half of the page has a Hand drawn portrait Of a male from his clan))

My mighty father, proud war chief of the shadow clan before he coupled with my mother. he has been my mentor in nearly everything since i was born. The lessons sometimes were rough but i thank him for being the pillar of strength i needed in our times of hardships, like when my grandparents passed when i was little. He helped me to see that they were now at the eternal hunting grounds ,happy, healthy and forever young. Where they could hunt, mate and live peacefully forever. I think he believes ive never seen him cry before but i know even he was hurting when his parents passed away to old age. The night of there funeral pyre, i saw a single tear escape from him, but that let me knew he did have emotions, he was just good at hiding them in times he saw he needed to. I pray that ill have strength to do that when i need to. But thanks to him ive become stronger in many other ways already, im the clans second best warrior under my father,a very skilled hunter, and hopefully when my father steps down ill be the leader my clan expects of me.

Back of page 2, 7th day of the 5th month of my 16th year

Seems the sick are getting worse and more numerous, mother has told me to make sure i keep myself distanced from those infected until they can figure out what it is making them all sick. Ill keep cautions of them as she requests But i do pray they will all recover. My pack needs to be strong, so when i return with my mate we can all celebrate. I just hope whatever mate i get wont mind the fact im the next war chief of my clan, and if they happen to be of royal blood from their clan i wonder if they will want to merge their clan with mine to form a even stronger family? If so i wont have a problem with that, i grew up with my village looking out for me and my fellow pack mates growing up and id love to continue the tradition.

Front of page 3, 25th day of the 5th month of my 16th year.

The day of my hunt draws closer and sadly more of my clan has gotten sick, so much so that they can barely move and those that still can are limited to certain duties. My mothers bed ridden since shes caught it and my father is starting to cough alot and grow weaker... He still forces himself to go hunt with me and the last few warriors who seem to be unaffected by this illness. I appreciate the strength hes trying to display but i wish he would rest and recover, me and the warriors are fine going out hunting and protecting the village while he did so. But as always he claims he is fine and will accompany us. After today im pretty sure ill be able to over power him so he will stay home and rest.

back of page 3, 27th day of the 5th month of my 16th year

(( The page just contains a Hand drawn portait of demis village and a single line of writing))

This is the first time ive seen the village so empty of my clan members...im getting worried..

front of page 4, 6th day on the 6th month of my 16th year

Tomorrow is the day i head off to the capital to enter the hunting grounds to go find my mate. The clans total health has only gotten worse, even our warriors now are so weak and sick that they can barely move. Everyone affected has started gaining mysterious scabs and black spots all over their bodies....I seem to be the only one immune to this plague and for the love of the goddess i cannot figure out why. I would run off to the capital today to grab some healers from there but me being the only one healthy here i see it as my charge to care for the ill.... meaning i am going to have to pass on my chance to enter the hunt this year ... I dont enjoy this fact but id rather my clan be healthy once again then going to hunt for a mate and bringing her back to a clan of ill. So today im going to go out and hunt down some of the healthiest game i can find and hope it will improve my clans own health after it gets in their stomachs.

Back of page 4, 6th day of the 6th month of my 16th year.

Im taking a moment to jot down this note and draw the infection ive been seeing on my clan members, since im now finding it on wildlife... This is very concerning thankfully ive found a healthy buck to feed the clan.

((bottom half of the page has a hand drawn image of a dead infected squirrel. its fur littered with gashes and black spots.))

Front of page 5, (( the page has old water stains that can be easily seen as tear drops.)) 7th day of the 6th month of my 16th year....

Its the middle of the night but i can see clearly with my village and the forest around it burning so heavily... My entire clan is dead... i came back yesterday with the deer in tow and found our warriors collapsed and lifeless on the ground. I panicked and rushed to find my parents, they were both lifeless in bed, embracing one another. So i began checking every hut in the village and it was the same everywhere. There was no one alive anywhere... Im alone now.... But as the only surviving member ill ensure this uncalled for wrath of the goddess does not spread out of the village and forest. Ive done kindnesses for my clan, i put all the members in their appropriate huts and poured our black flame lantern oil all around the village and local forest. The moon was halfway across the sky by the time i finally dropped a torch onto the oil and now im sitting on a cliff overlooking it all as im watching it all burn....This wrath from the goddess wont spread if i can help it. I cant tell if im infected by it like my clan was but to ensure safety, once the fires die out ill build a new hut and become a solitary keeper to keep others out of here. As i watch the only home and family ive ever know burn i have to ask myself, why was my clan punished and if this wasnt punishment from the goddess why did she let this happen to her worshipers?

((writing continues onto the back of page 5))

I am not sure what to do honestly, living alone for the rest of my days sounds like a absolute hell... but if itll keep this plague locked here then so be it... I Demitri Romanov, the sole survivor of the Shadow Flame clan will be this field of soon to be ashes crypt keeper. Ill grow old and die here if this illness doesnt kill me like it did the rest of my clan... Since i cant become the warchief of anything as ive been trained to do since i was born, crypt keeper will have to give me fulfillment or a way to keep my sanity in solitude..

front of page 6, 7th day of the 5th month of my 16th year

The fires are halfway down now and the morning sun is almost here. Its the responsibility of the grieving family to make a farewell song for their dead family member usually, but as im the only one alive its my responsibility to make a farewell song for the entire clan so ill write the lyrics for it here. ive sung it for them and i hope it was one worthy of them all.

Farewell my family
((the front and back of the page contain the lyrics and more tear stains.))

pages 7-10 are illegible due to blood staining them some words like bear and attack are still readable but most of the other words are blurred out or smudged beyond reading due to the blood on the pages.

Front of page 11, 5th day of the 5th month of my 18th year.

Its been some time since ive last wrote in this. I havent died or showed any signs of the illness that took my family from me. It makes me wonder if the goddess is toying with me now, send my clan to the eternal hunting grounds and leave me alone here to suffer. I cant really figure out why she would torture me like that i was a devout follower and never did anything that deserved damnation like this. But The forest is reviving itself nicely, the local game is healthy and strong once more and the flora is slowly following in tow. As for me i havent had any life endangering incidents since that bear that tried to eat me while i was hunting... though if those wounds i had gotten were any deeper i might not be here to write this now, so i guess i have to count myself lucky on that part.

((continues on to the back page of 11))

back of page 11

Though im starting to lose my mind a bit i think... i keep seeing the faces of my clan members everywhere when im patrolling. Each time it hurts my chest, like theres a knife slowly pushing towards my heart. I think its the solitude thats doing this all to me.. i really miss having others to talk to. The wooden puppet i made to try and keep me company isnt working at all. If anything i think it made me a bit crazier talking to it. I guess thats all for now. Ill write again once ive discovered something worth writing about.

Front of page 12, 5th day of the 5th month of my 19th year.

Doing some cleaning and found this buried under a pile of pelts, i wondered where it had gone. This solitude if really starting to hurt, im hearing children giggling and run around the forest but i can never find a scent or trail of any being here. I honestly cant take much more of this... maybe i should just go jump off the steep cliff that overlooks the ruins of the village and end it all... anything to get away from the voices , visions and pain... Probably not the best thing to write, but i doubt anyone will ever see this journal. Ive done my job by burning the nearby forest down. its deterred anyone from approaching in fear of death. My health seems alright still but i rarely sleep anymore, i think ive slept maybe 4 hours in the past 2 weeks...im just restless most of the time now.

back of page 12, 5th day of the 6th month of my 19th year.

I think ive finally snapped.. some oddly robed person came to my home and asked if a certain herb grew around here. I told them no and that they should flee quickly or they would get infected by a plague thats been here. But they just laughed at me and said they were a royal healer they were pretty sure they would be fine no matter what. Sadly i resorted to forcing them out but they came back a hour later. They asked if i wanted a check up to see if i was healthy. Something kept me from refusing, i wanted to know if i was infected or not after so many years alone. Turns out that im not and according to the healer, minus my lack of sleep im perfectly healthy. They also said the area around here seemed healthier then ever now. I guess burning the old forest nourished the now growing one. But whats surprising me is the fact im healthy and have no signs of the plague that claimed my clans lives. He did ask if i lost my mate to this disease and yet again i didnt refuse to inform him that i hadnt even been on the hunt to find a mate. Thats when he told me the hunt would be starting soon and that if i wanted to find a mate this would be my best chance to. Though im worried i have nothing to offer to a mate now. Even this crumbling shack ive been calling a home for the last 3 years is falling apart on me.

front of page 13, 7th day of the 6th month of my 19th year.

Knowing that im healthy now ive prayed to my clan and ask that they forgive me for breaking my vow to be their crypt keeper. Im just so tired of being alone and in pain from it. I want to have a mate, many children and a loving family once again. If they hate me for having a heart that doesnt wish to feel pain anymore so be it. Im writing this as a merchant wagon is taking me to the capital, the driver feels safer having a young male ride in the back to help deter potential bandits. I have 2 ideas in mind for this hunt. Find a mate that willing to help me rebuild my dead clan, or ask that the mate i find absorb me into theirs. The second option might be easier since its just me, but lets hope all goes well. Because if i cant find a mate this hunt im not sure if ill be allowed to try again next year, plus i dont think i can honestly stand another year alone....it will kill me most likely. I asked the healer for some medicine to help with pain, he asked why but i didnt tell him why i just kept asking until he gave me a vial of some. im taking it little by little in hopes of stopping the pain i feel in my chest and it seems to be working the further away from home i get. we shall soon be at the capital and ill be at the hunting grounds my parents taught me of. lets hope their teaching stuck.

Back of page 13th,7th day of the 6th month of my 19th year.

its mid day and ive made it to the capital, this place is so amazing and huge! Thankfully the merchant that gave me a ride escorted me to the hunting grounds gate and wished me luck. Its been so long since ive had anyone wish me luck i kinda forgot how that felt. It might be wise for me not to act all crazy and lonely during the hunt....ill have to do what my father did, hide how i feel and do all i can to find a mate. I wonder if there will be any she wolves on this hunt. that would be easier for me to get along with. Anyways here i go.

front of page 14, date unsure and location unsure.

this is way different from what my parents told me of the hunting grounds... i dont see na giant lush forest. im seeing giant buildings made of stone metal and glass. this place is different but amazing at the same time. My heads spinning trying to take all of this in. Ill write more once i calm down for now, i wanna explore this place and look for a lady to ask to court.

Brett Casey
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Brett Casey
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