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The ramblings of an artist, scientist..whatever i am! Random art posts and ramblings about my life

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Elena Art
Will be posting art of Elena:

Miss Conception is too awesome for her own good gonk
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By J lone wolf ('cus goddammit he's awesome)

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By me:

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OC Details
Thought I'd give a little backstory, i'll probably add to this but meh.

Name: Elena Lahar Wing - She doesn't have a last name, so she substitued wing to the end just to make writing contracts simpler

Age: 21

Race: Unknown, born from human parents but with the traits of angel and demon combined.

Extra Race notes: Due to this mix of blood, she is neither wholly evil, nor good, and as such, these aspects are constantly fighting for dominance, with certain traits appearing more obvious if the balance becomes uneven. This also means that although she can use magic arts, she is more of a jack of all trades, with a few healing and a few offensive spells. It is unknown as to her mortality, although she can withstand high levels of damage, she has been close to death a high number of times.

Warning to blood suckers - Elena cannot take responsibility for what happens if you try to feed from her, you might be fine, but the holy aspects of part of her blood do not take kindly to vampiric tendencies, and the demonic aspects might try to enslave you, just a little warning ^-^

Social status - High class (well moneywise). Working as a top rank mercenary has resulted in a large amount of gold at elena's fingertips. She generally invests this money with the few people she comes to trust. She is currently considering upgrading the train at station 9, the owner willing of course.

Weapons - Although primarily a dual blade user, recent events caused her to lose one of her swords and she now fights with one katana and her magic arts. She also carries around vials containing a white powder that help with injuries, but can also have a pleasant dissolving effect on those of the zombie nature.

Elena is a socially starved outcast and wishes to eventually gain the trust of the S9 leader dakki-dono, so that she perhaps could be given jobs for the organisation, meaning she wouldn't have to travel around as much, but also be able to belong somewhere, even if it is a station platform. however this is a long undertaking, and she doesn't want to risk angering the now turned girl, especially since she found a human finger in her burger at the platform bar.

Elena is completely straight, but tends to form girl crushes due to her lack of social interaction.

(ill add more if needed)

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