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Nya-Nya-chan's wonderful journal of surprises!
Everything I tell you, EVERYTHING!
Dear Gaia,
I just realized not only do I have sleeping problems, but I also read things that I shouldn't. I really mean it, everything goes black and I think "What am I doing?".
The sad thing is I can't stop.

Reading is my drug, even the most horrible and the sickening. I guess its a ugly side. Just thinking that someone's word can get into your blood-flow and into your brain sounds like so much fun! However, some things I just shouldn't. Mostly when I don't sleep. You start thinking about things and the world starts to spin.

The sad thing is I can't stop.
I like the feeling of reading things that can drive the mind mad. It gives me ideas for personalities. Lefts say.. A delusional girl. I start thinking of how she may speak and act, and what she sees. I read and get more info. Maybe thats wrong with me?

I read things I shouldn't read.
Oh but I love how I can be me.
Don't you too get that thrill?
That being a bit insane is just fine?

The sad thing is..
I just can't stop.

Look at it this way. I draw and read. I make banners for people and a lot (not really) of other things. I too want to write. I want to be able to withstand harsh times and claim them with my pen. (Or my fingers..) I can write poetry without any care in the world! Everything is brilliant and happy! Flowers bloom from out of the page!

But why is no one happy?


And that's what you get when I'm tired.
Night guys! ^_^


Guess who hasn't slept for two days now?
Thats right, me. I feel so sick with sleep, yet I can't seem to close my eyes. Once I do, I miss something great. Or, I just cant sleep. Maybe I should listen to music and stop getting online. For those who expected a great day of talking to me, I'm sorry. xD
Joking beside, I will be working hard on those banners. Just let me try to sort things out and fall asleep. I feel like my head is going to burst if I don't. Night everyone!

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