Just a sloppy rough draft of a story.


Life's just a game, you know? A cruel game being held by some higher power. A game no one can win. We all suffer; we all die. It's a sick game, really. As if God enjoys watching our toils. Our own human stupidity drives this game into a never ending circle.

For this very reason, I avoid people. They are no better than animals. Neither am I. But if I avoid them, perhaps their disease will leave me alone. Their sickness. Their human nature.

I've carved myself out. I'm hollow inside. I feel nothing; I think nothing. I've abandoned what drives the cruelty of men - their emotions; their feelings.

War, rape, murder, and torture. They all lead back to one source. And that source is human emotion. We are desperate for power, for something that makes of greater than we are. It drives us to commit terrible things.

Humans are the most inhuman of all creatures.

And for that reason, I will cleanse this world, one by one. I will save mankind from their own destructive nature.

I shall start with her.

"What do you think, Larken?"

Detective Christopher Larken glanced up from the crumpled journal entry the forensic team had found.

Weary-eyed Commissioner Quinton stood in the doorway, looking much older than he was. Frown lines seemed to pop off his face and swollen, purple bags hung under his tired eyes.

Larken looked back down at the tattered piece of paper and shook his head.

"I don't know, Commissioner. I really don't. Forensics couldn't find any fingerprints or traces of anything. It's just the ramblings of a crazy man."

A sigh came from Commissioner Quinton. It was a soft burned-out sound.

"Alright. Let me know if something new comes up."

And then the door was shut, leaving Detective Larken alone yet again.

Yeah, pretty crappy. But I got bored. Hope you like it. I might write some more later.