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Beef's Gaia Log! This shall be where I record all the stuff I do, buy, want, and notice in the Gaia neighborhoods. Sometimes it shall be interesting! Most times it may only border on reall only mildly amusing in you were there/know me/have suffered head trauma.

The Beef-Mover
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The Beefy Update
I thought I really ought to give an update here. Bah, journaling is so TEDIOUS! So I'll try and be efficient about this. I'm really not even sure who reads this other than me - hi, me! Anyway, I'll break this down nice and easy-like.


I'm working away on two final papers for my two four hundred-level English classes. Each paper is fifteen pages required. That's not so much the problem as actually getting my a** together and organizing them in the problem! One is on Sylvia Plath, her poetry and the counter-Freudian Second Wave feminism annnd the other is on Poe, Freud and Psychoanalysis vs. Phrenology. So unless you've been through like...a graduate program or something, do not EVEN whine to me about school. It's not that bad.

Finals are next week. I have three tests and a paper. The paper is for my Theory of Science and Religion course, which shouldn't be bad at all and the tests, are for my English courses and my History of Western Civilization course. The Western Civ one is a little worrisome, but I think I can handle it since the paper I turned in earlier this semester is worth more than the midterm and final combined. The English tests will just...be a shitload of writing. And I'm not looking forward to them.

Art Works

What can I say? School drains my creativity and I haven't had a whole lot of time to break out any serious art stuffs. I've no time for colored pencil pieces at the moment and I've no scanner to put lineart in for CG pieces. I put up part of a comic on my deviantArt site, but otherwise, I've been pretty dried up. I've one Gaia commission in the works and I'm running a bit late on it because of the scanner issue. This was a prize offered in Orien's art auction; I don't usually do commissions. This is for a variety of reasons really. I don't really have any burning item quests on Gaia, so I don't figure I NEED the gold...and I always seem to have to work a lot harder to make commissioned art look as good as the stuff I choose to do on my own, so I sort of feel like I'm shortchanging people. My art is my art and if I do it for any other purpose than to be what it is, then it isn't something I really want to have associated with me.

As for things that are currently rattling around in my head, I've been drawing a lot of my rendition of the archangels...mostly because I have a great time drawing little ear-wings. I currently have designs that I like for Uriel (may favorite! So cuuute!) and Michael. I just did a redesign of Raphael tonight that I'm really pleased with. Before, I could just manage to get him looking like...vaguely Mulatto or something. Now he finally looks legitimately black with some sexy dred action going on. Gabriel is still sort of vague in my mind...eeeehhhh dunno what I want to do with him yet. The other three are still totally blank slates, bt we shall see.

I've been drawing a lot of Touch too...he's muh crazy, bendy jester. But mostly he'd been reserved for in-class doodles and such. He always pops up after I've been listening to a lot of music from Cirque du Soleil.


I've just been updating stuff...tinkering with the avatar and frequenting tektek.org. I pretty much drained my mule account at the moment, but I got 15,000 on an auction of one of my sealed envelopes. So I might hit the stores and get some STUFF! Whooo....stuuuff! Other than that...same old, same old...kickin' rocks...posting on the forums...God I love the 21+ guild. I thought about starting my own guild, but then I didn't know what to make it like...ABOUT. So I won't...for NOW.

And there's the Beefy Update! Hooray! Enjoy!

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