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XxDarkxxAngelxX's Journal
A place for me to keep writing and one or two other things.
Rp Sample
"Another person was found last night, bloody and mutilated. The victim was taken to Harmony Medical Center and remains in critical condition. Though our doctors are trying their best, the chance of survival is...slim," the reporter said, taking a breath before continuing. "Based on the injuries on this man and previous victims, whatever is attacking our citizens is inhuman, incredibly strong, and bloodthirsty," she said, briefly glancing around before looking back at the camera. "The ACPD has confirmed they are investigating the cause. As for now, they urge citizens to be careful when going outside at night and to report any suspicious activity," she said before pausing again. She looked nervous, as if she was afraid a monster was going to jump out and get her for just talking about it. "Stay tuned to Channel 6 where we'll be providing updates to the investigation on these strange murders," she said, forcing a smile at the camera before the live feed cut and a commercial started playing on the television.

Alexa sighed as she hit a button to turn off the TV, tossing the remote to the side. She didn't know why she had bothered to watch the news report. It was the same thing it always was. Just news about new victims and non-comments from the police. She shook her head before heading to her bedroom's closet so that she could get dressed for her night 'job'. She ran her fingers through her short black-blue hair before starting to get ready. She grabbed a roll of bandages and carefully wrapped her upper body and legs up to her knees before pulling on the rest of her costume. It wasn't an overly elaborate outfit - just a loose tight black tank top and black pants with silver detailing, along with a pair of knee high boots, gloves, and a black mask to hide who she really was.

It wasn't long before she was outside and patrolling the city, using the tops of the buildings for cover. Her boots made little sound as she moved, just one perk of her enhanced abilities. She was on the lookout for any crime that she could stop but she was on extra alert, hoping to be able to stop yet another senseless murder at the hands of the strange fish creatures that had been appearing around town. Though she'd taken care of a couple of them, she had always been too late to help the victims - a fact that was driving her crazy.

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