Sin II: Gluttony

I had awakened in a forest. I felt the dampness and coolness of morning dew...or was that the feeling of death? Either way,I stood up. I looked around and saw nothing other than insects froliking and beautiful,lush vegetation. The beams of light pierced between branches of trees and hitting the ground underneath. Everything sparkled,as all was covered in dew. I walked forward, without knowing why. Perhaps I was thinking someone could be around who may have had answers about what happened. I continued walking until I met up with a group of... interesting people. Two of them where females and three others were males. They were congregated, talking about daily life and what they planned for the future. As I approached them, they glanced at me. Their conversations ceased as they stared at me with curiosity. "umm... Who is that guy?" one of the females asked. "I am not sure...but we should not stick around..."one of the males responded. Before I introduced myself,and before they left, a yell was heard from behind a tree. "He took it, he was the one who took my taco!!" the voice of a female twelve-year-old yelled. Everyone turned to me and glared. I had no idea what a "taco" was or who anyone was...besides, who would steal a taco? Everyone began to complain and detest me. They labeled me a thief and mocked me. Behind the angry mob, a little girl sobbed dressed like an assasin. In fear of being killed, I escaped to a lake. I was confused and lost. I looked at my reflection and noted a drastic change. I no longer looked 10... I looked 15. My eyes were no longer hazel, but crimson red. My looked as if I had no blood in me what-so-ever. I sat there staring at my new self for who knows how long. "...hey" a familiar voice said, making me flinch. I turned around and noticed who it was... it was that girl. "sorry about accusing you back there...i just wanted to talk to someone" she said timidly. I stared at her in disbelief. "you did not had to accuse me..." I replied. "i know, but i wanted to talk to you in private... do you want to fish?" she stated. The girl gave off a strange feeling of confusion. She talked with no emotion, yet I felt her emotions. I did not know what fishing was either, so it made matters worse. None-the -less, I agreed. She took out her rod and fished. I stared, analyzing and learning. "My name is Shina" she stated. I looked into her eyes and felt a familiarity." me Zeni" I replied. "...well...are ya not going to fish?" she asked. She laughe after i said i did not know what it was. She taught me afterwards. She talked about this new worl i live in and how to do many things necessary to survive on my own. Another mistake... from that day on, i wanted to learn more and more about everything.