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Dreams Never End
So in this journal...If I ever write in it. I'll be talking about what I do in my day...or what I've done over the years.
Douse the fire,
Drown the matches,
Bury the tension between.

To my dismay,

The fire was induced by chemicals,
The matches turned out to be waterproof,
And you decided to claw your way through the earth to uncover this misfortune.

I'm not sorry,

Put the dirt back,
Throw away the matches,
Or the fire will only consume you.

Best Lunch Hour Ever
So, there's this girl, and she doesn't like me. I've never talked to her prior to her attacking me over a facebook status. Her name is Danielle and she's friends with this girl named Courtney who seems to not like me either. DAnielel and Courtney get it in their heads that I am talking s**t about this girl (danielle) who I have never talked to unless she has spoken to me. Everything I have said to her is reasonable, I have not called her names, nor have I gotten angry with her.So today, at lunch time,Courtney and Danielle both come up to me as I am sitting pleasantly at a table with my friends. I see Courtney standing there waiting to get my attention, and I say, "Hey Courtney, what's up?" She then asks me, "Why are you talking s**t about Danielle?" I look over at the black girl behind her, who was looking at me with intent. And I do a face palm.Then I collect myself, look back up at Courtney and say, "What are you talking about?" Courtney then replies with, "What do you--- why are you talking s**t about Danielle??" At this point, I'm feeling like I want to die of laughter, because she's so sserious, and everyone at my table is also trying really hard not to laugh. So I hide my face, and say, "go, just go." Courtney looks at me, getting somewhat angry and says, "No!" I then stop hiding my face, look her directly in the eye and say, "If you want to talk, we'll in anne's office. I'm not speaking to you about this without her present." While I'm saying this i'm pointing in another direction which was meant to tell her to gtfo. With that, she turns away with a hand flail of fusteration saying, "IGNORANCE!"

Quite literally, as SOON as she was out of ear shot, EVERYONE at the table started pissing themselves laughing.

AND THE BEST PART IS, while my friends and I were laughing at their stupidity, Courtney and Danielle were outside throwing tantrums. According to another friend of mine, they were saying s**t like, "CAN YOU BELIEVER HER?!?! SHE'E SO IGNORANT I CAN'T BELEIVE SHE WONT TALK TO US AT ALL. WHAT A b***h STRAIGHT UP. GAWD."

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