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not really a journal
im just using this to keep some of my rp characters so ignore if you dont want to see them ^^()
Miserable... That is what this field was, simply miserable, rain fell from the sky in buckets and a depressing feeling of damp hung in the air. Josh didn't know why he felt the need to leave the woods and venture out into what now seemed more like a swamp than a grassland, but here he was trudging through the muddy grass with Mimi by his side. In the rain... Today sucked, it's pouring out, he got punched, and now he was probably going to get sick, of course both of these were poor choices on his own part, but it didn't change the fact that today sucked. All the other pokemon seemed to have gone into hiding from the weather as well making it seem like this trip was a waste. Though when he came to the top of a hill and looked across the plains he could tell his gut feelings had yet to lead him wrong.

Zangoose wheezed in breath as she was knocked back by her enemy's tail skidding to stop on the slick ground her hate filled gaze never leaving the Seviper Vladimir before her. She was tired this duel had gone on for hours without pause, but she would not give in! She would not fail! She would end this vile creature's life here and now! the seviper hissed flicking it's tongue in and out between it's fangs and in a flash lunged at her again. She met the snake's strike leaping straight into it, her claws glowing "For my family!" she cried as her first strike knocked the viper's attack off course, and her second struck down at it's head. "For my kingdom!" The cursed creature hissed in pain as it's head was driven beneath the tall grass with a muddy splash and it's body following like a crumpling slinky, but her victory lasted only a moment. In a flash the seviper lunged up at the still mid air zangoose, she could only move her arms to try and defend herself as the jaws bore down on her and fangs sunk deep into her side.

Her eyes wide she let out a silent scream as she could not get her breath to form sound she was held aloft on those fangs for only a few moments but it truly felt like hours before Vlad whipped his head toward the ground releasing her and slamming her limp form into the mud.
"Poor, poor, little princessssss come to get revenge" the snake mocked her it's head swaying side to side as though a flute played only he could hear as she struggled to her claws and knees.
"Ssssshould have sssstayed hidden, what would your father ssssay if he could be here now.... He'd be heartbroken" Her head and claws snapped up eyes lit with rage
"How. Dare. You-" she was ready to rip the snakes head off but was cut off by blast of energy from the snakes mouth it engulfed her in red and once it passed she stood there eyes wide with fear, claws trembling, frozen.
"Much better... Hold ssssstill I'll finally ssssever your line" The snake coiled up ready to strike with a wicked grin "Tell your papa I sssssssend my reguardssss!" With that he struck, mouth wide fangs bared aimed to take the head from her shoulders.
'No..' She tried to move, strained against her own muscles.

'No!' Time inched along, her senses seemed to slow everything down giving her ample time to view her own demise.

'NO!' Everything stopped. The world froze around her as she stared down the jaws of Vlad the terrible. This was it, this was the end, she failed. 'I'm sorry father, I will be with you soon.'

Her ear flicked finally noticing the fast approaching noise. She had been so immersed in her battle.... Wheels?

A flash of blue, a crack of wood, and the rush of wind. A human on a wheeled board flew past her bringing the board up and crashing it into Vladimir's head and taking him with his flight. She could only watch wide eyed as the boy, and some little pink pokemon, crashed to the ground with the snake under his board before spilling off it and tumbling into the grass.

Rolling through the grass Josh audibly groaned as he sat himself up facing back toward the Seviper and Zangoose chalk up another terrible idea. He had Mimi make him a road to board down the hill and with the battle going the way it was decided to simply "crash" the party. He had misjudged the speed he picked up en route and the landing was not one of his bests. At least he managed to clock out that Sev-


Or not... The seviper shot up eyes wild as he whipped his head around the field to find his attacker landing solely on the muddy trainer in the grass with the infuriating grin "Ohh ho ho ho I think we made him angry..." the poison type lunged at him and with a quick flash of his zipped undid the front of his jacket revealing his trump card. A krabby acting like a necklace, hanging from the hood strings inside his coat "Scylla! Brine!" The blast of water hit the snake squarely and like a geyser sent the snake sailing off over the field with a loud distant. Thud!

Zangoose had watched the entire exchange stunned. It ended so quick, the snake was gone for the moment, and she was... She was still alive. It wasn't over though, she had to finish it. Grimacing she tried to get to her feet taking small pained steps, holding her punctured side, before feeling a hand on her shoulder "Whoa hold on, you can't go after that one like this" she frowned looking at the boy and shrugged off his hand. No this had to end, she had to end it, he was weak now she could.. Her legs gave out and she started to topple but instead of hitting cold mud she leaned on something, solid but warm. "No see, this, this is what I mean, c'mon you may not want it but I'm taking you to get patched up" she let out a low growl before blinking in surprise as he lifted her like a child. She tried to struggle but her strength was leaving her and so was her consciousness.

She was carried shielded from the rain by one of the boy's other pokemon and kept warm. This human.... She sighed leaning her head down as her eyes grew heavy, he had saved her, he was strong, brave, and showed kindness. Her goal was almost complete, that snake was on the island and he'd try and find her again. It was almost over, but what happens after? She was alone, but did she have to be?

Maybe.... she could stay... Stay til she paid him back....

Her thoughts got hazy as she began to nod off. As she fell asleep her head fell to lean on Josh and a small subconscious half smile tugged at her mouth.

Stay with.... Her knight..

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