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General Information

Name: Vivian White
Nickname(s): Viv
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Occupation: Lab assistant; Pokemon trainer
Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Physical Information

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Stature: Tall, but has a tendency to lean against things, fold arms, etc
Gait: Hurried but even paced
Hair: Crimson colored; falls to small of back in waves but is usually carelessly put up; has sideswept bangs that barely escape covering the top of her left eye
Eyes: Steely gray


Personality: a bit offhanded, sarcastic, stubborn, but also extremely coquettish; has a strong devil-may-care sort of attitude. Often acts spontaneously without thought, and has little regard for consequences. Acts on what she believes is luck, rather than reason. Flirtatious and nomadic; doesn't believe in being weighed down by either material things or personal relationships. Personal convictions and morals are questionable, as her main goal is self-success in the Pokemon league. She sees the criminals she comes across and subsequently defeats as mere roadblocks that she only needs to dispose to get where she's going. Besides that, while she finds them irksome and admits what they're doing is wrong, she'd rather someone else deal with them.

Insecurities: Isn't quite certain what lies ahead if she cannot make it to the League; afraid of returning home and facing 'I told you so' responses and returning to her same, mundane life. Doesn't like the attention she gets for unintentionally taking down Rockets; would rather maintain a low profile.

Vivian was born to two scientists incredibly devoted to studies of fossil resurrection and evolution on Cinnabar Island, who hoped that their sole child would continue in their scientific expenditures. However, those hopes slowly escalated to fear when they noticed their small child taking a liking to monsters such as the fearsome Aerodactyl rather than the much smaller, timid Omanyte they kept around. Tending to become an introvert due to her parents pressures on her to do well in school and their constant nagging, she utterly rejected their dreams from her. Disposing of her mother's old lab coat and leaving her parents lab where she was forced to enthusiastically serve as an assistant, she snagged the same Aerodactyl that she had known since her youth and finally took off for mainland Kanto, a few years later than most. Winning battles by brute force rather than stealthy and carefully calculated technique, the hot-headed girl's main goal is to make it to the Pokemon league. However, such a dream is not fueled by childish dreams but rather the desire to show her folks back at home that science isn't the only way to success.

until the stars fall
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until the stars fall
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