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Role Playing Characters
All of the characters I've created for RP's
Kingdom Academy Character App
Name: Shiro Suta
Galiant: Cloud
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: 4th year

Appearance http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu322/nataliemist12/shiro.jpg
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Light tan
Build/Body Type: medium build. Strong yet still sort of skinny.

Personality: Shiro is a collected sort of individual. The emotions she does show are small and subtle. She is sort of broken in that she cannot express a high amount of emotion after years of oppression. Her anger does show, however, when it comes to protecting people she cares about.
Shiro keeps to herself and is unable to make friends easily. She doesn't let anybody in easily but once she deems someone a friend and trustworthy, they may see a smile out of her.
She can often be found in calm places like by the water or near a tree gazing off or sketching.
Likes: Outdoors, water (like a lake or an ocean), climbing trees, drawing, playful duels
Dislikes: Her loved ones getting hurt, someone breaking her trust, undercooked food
Fears: spiders, being drawn to the darkness, her past

Weapon: dual-weild katanas
  • High Jump
  • Aura Bracer- Shiro's spells cannot be interrupted
  • Cloud's Light- Shiro has a generous boost in strength when fighting against darkness.
  • Leaf Bracer- shiro has a boost in healing abilities
  • Calling the light- Shiro gets a boost in strength and defense when knocked down to 25% of her life.
  • MP Rage- Shiro's MP restores based on the amount of damage she takes.

  • Thunder
  • Thundara
  • Light pulse - 3 rings of light appear around Shiro and one by one wash over a 10 foot radius, damaging her enemies 3 consecutive times.
  • Light's embrace- Fully heals herself and allies within a 10 foot radius.
  • White light - a ball of light appears at the end of her blade and is thrown at the enemy (like fire)
  • Cloud's presence [limit]- Cloud and Shiro hop on to motorcycles filled with multiple blades and use each one to slash their enemies

Strengths: Physical Strength, healing magic, high amount of stamina
Weaknesses: Offensive magic, dodging,

  • HP: 80
  • MP: 40

  • Attack: 18
  • Defense: 20
  • Magic Attack: 20
  • Magic Defense: 12
  • Speed/Agility: 10

Bio: Alliya was born in the Land of Dragons. Mulan was a big influence on her, so she ran around and played sword fighting with the boys. Unbeknownst to her, and evil lurked beyond the wall that protected her land. The Huns did not end with Shan Yu, though his defeat quieted them for a time. The darkness reached into the hearts of the remaining Huns and they quietly planned another attack.
They dug a hole under the wall in a blind spot and sent in their messengers and spies. They corrupted the people with promises of gold and power. Unfortunately, Alliya's parents had been swayed and conspired with the Huns to bring down the wall and let them in.
A great battle was fought but with enemies on both the outside and inside, the light was conquered and the Land of dragons was plunged into darkness. The traitors received what they had been promised. Alliya and her family became very wealthy and her father became an official in the government.
She no longer had any friends. The children avoided her or their parents kept them away. Her father was never home and her mother was too wrapped up in her money and treasures to pay any attention to Alliya. For years she traversed her once happy homeland alone and sad.
On her thirteenth birthday, she had enough. During their first family meal in years, her heart told her it was time to end her suffering. She condemned her parents for their treachery and told them she had enough of wandering about with no one to hear her cries or tell her it's not her fault and it'll be ok. She ran away and discarded her own name. Huns and heartless chased her night after night, week after week and she avoided each one with clever tricks and traps.
While sitting in the forest wondering where to go next, and man appeared beside her. He said he knew what it was like to live in the dark but want the light. He said his name was Cloud and the light from her heart had been brought to his attention when she ran away and fought off her pursuers. He offered to take her to the academy to train to fight the darkness and eventually win back her home.
It's been four years at the academy and her skills have grown immensely. Cloud became her galiant and showed her how to fight the inner darkness that seeped inside her after years of exposure. He showed her how to trust people again. She gave herself a new name, Shiro Suta, which roughly translates to White Star. She vows to reclaim her home someday.

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