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michi's inner thoughts

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Reflection (poem)

A face in the glass stares deeply into your soul.

Its eyes pierce your skin
sending a shiver down your spine.

The image moves as you move…
It knows what you know.


It does not look as it should.

This face looks sick….

A face rotting with pain and iniquity

It is pale

The more you continue to stare the more rage begins to seep in.

These piercing eyes....
that jagged tongue....
they lie to you
lie to the world.


In your mind you hear a familiar command
to hide this travesty from mankind
and mechanically obeying, you deem your daily mask.

Tears and anger become a plastered smile for all to see
and eyes filled with hatred become a beacon of hope

You stare at the image that looks back at you now
It still moves as you move.
And knows what you know.

But this face is different.

Strikingly beautiful.
this face
is the picture of perfection.

Each new day brings a new face
a transformation of body and soul...
Hiding the monster that lurks within.
Eagerly waiting in the shadows
To show the world
Your true form.

Tick Tock, Goes the Clock (poem)

Tick tock
tick tock

your running out of time my dear.

Tick tock
tick tock

your end is quickly drawing near.

Beneath the surface
a monster dwells.

A fiery beast from the pits of hell.

That all who have seen do not live to tell....

Tock tick
tock tick

You better find a way out quick.

Within this world there is a door
concealed by ghouls and heinous gore.

The bodies of those who were here before.....

You see...

The lush green forests draw you in
deep inside this world of sin.

With flowers beautiful and tall
to hide the horror of it all

Tock tick
tick tock

rush for your life against the clock
run faster and faster
don’t lose your pace!

...Though it hardly matters in this race.

The monster is ruler of this place
and it will be he that decides your fate ....

Tock tock
tick tick
You’re out of time
and I have to split.

I dare not look upon his face
or my life he will erase

"Good luck young one".

And he disappeared
with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.

You hear a roar and look around
a frightening terrifying sound.

A scaly creature rears its head
its big black eyes fill you with dread.

The giant creature draws aback
to end your life with one attack.

Just as it seems all hope is gone
by the hands of evil spawn

Your name.....

It's calling in your mind
saying that you still have time!

Get up get up!
or you’ll be late!

It’s 7:30!
School’s at 8 wink

Community Member

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