If I am wearing one of my cosplays, do not ask me for all of the items I am wearing. I will not tell you. I may tell you one or two items, but that is it. My cosplays are my babies, and to say that I work hard on them would be an understatement. I spend HOURS putting them together and trying to find the right items. Some of my cosplays have even taken me YEARS to perfect. So, it is very easy to see why I am protective of them. Not to mention I have had countless other cosplayers on here either copy an idea I had for a cosplay, or try to copy one of my cosplays down to a tee. I have seen them first hand. The similarities are just too coincidental for them to go unnoticed and it is blatantly obvious they copied me and stole my inspiration.

Why do I not want people copying my cosplays or avi's? Because people claim they were the ones to put it together and create it. When in reality, they STOLE it. ALL of my avi's and cosplays were put together by me and me alone. But, let me be clear so no one gets it twisted. I am NOT claiming ownership of creating the characters I cosplay! I am claiming ownership of putting the items together. When and if you see one of my cosplays, know that it was me 110% me that put it together. I do not and will not ever steal another cosplayers inspiration or item combination, and claim it is mine.