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Every even ( dark blue) entry is gonna be Kyuubin
Every odd ( dark red) entry is gonna be Ayame

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Chapter 3 part 2
No! I refuse to run again! I screamed mentally.But the night air hung around me like a demon on my shoulders. Then I realized, even if I wanted to run, I was to scared to move anyway. So I just sat there and waited. But I wasn't waiting to long before a dark shadow loomed across the street.

Chapter 3 Runnin' from the shadows
Whoo hoo! Chapta 3! okay. Kyuubin wrote it wrong. Ayame is odd, Kyuubin is even. Oh and by the way, despite how depressing and Emo-ish I write, I'm actually a very cheerful and Optimistic. The voices are just giving me Ideas. Luv- the Ayame side of Kyuubin Ayame.
I felt like all I could do is run. So I did.
Run, Ayame.
Run away from the pain.
From the fear.
The emotions.
I couldn't forget what I had seen when I ran back. I couldn't tell what body had been whose, or even what was a body from the gory mess of spliced matter. So I ran away while vomiting again. I ran for days through forest, fields and rivers. Finally, after a week of no sleep and little food and water, I collapsed. When I woke up, I was in a city . I jumped up, looking for my rescuer, but the street was empty. Crap, I thought. So I cautiously walked towards the houses. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang from the alley. I turned but saw no one. You're just getting paranoid. I thought. But then, I heard more bangs.

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