...It seemed life was very blue until the day came I met you, your beauty which struck my heart through.

I just can't help but say
you're such an amazing person in every way.

Your voice is an angelic melody, it uplifts and sets my soul free.

Your eyes, so deeply beautiful and sincere, just looking into them always erases my doubts and fears

Your warm smile, I must say always brightens my day I want to be your prince charming, for your beautific and benevolent nature is so disarming. I want to be be your night in shining armour because, I'll go ahead and say it

I fell for you...
And yet my heart aches, because you've found someone new.

My heart aches when I think of you in somebody eles's arms. I feel have lost your heart to his strange charms.

My heart aches because when you're in his embrace, he can see your beautiful face.

He has that special place in your heart that I've wanted from the start.

Because I fell for you, yes it is true.

I guess there was nothing there, but even so... I still want you to know that I care.

If you shall find yourself in despair, just call my name and I'll be there.

If you feel you've got nobody to share, please know that I care

I've but known you for a year, but of all the others, you're always the one to lend me her ear, even if I just need someone to hear.

You're a true friend, and I couldn't ask of a better one from god to send..

With a friend like you, my soul has been freed afrom a dark abyss, because of you, I'm finally able to utter these three words again:

I love you