A lonely girl,
with nothing to gain,
in a world full of lies,
and pain.
She lost half her family,
Her close friends as well.
So she thought,
she'd never live to tell.
The horrible story of her past,
and the fearful future.
A life full of sadness and grief.
When one day she met,
With great relief
someone from long ago.
She cried and cried,
for once not of sadness,
but glee,
Of the long lost friend she could now see.
But, alas, it would not work,
fore her mother was afraid of many other things.
This friend knew a man,
a man of great greed,
that harmed her very badly.
She said the girl could no longer see,
The boy whom shed loved so much,
that made her cry of glee.
And sadly, the that poor lonely girl,
is me.