Well...today was my swim awards and the boy of my dreams was there. His name is James. He talked 2 me, like always and he kept looking over 2 me and when ever i got up 2 go somewhere he would ask my friends where iwent and if i would be comming back. When he started talking 2 a girl that i HATE, i got a little jelous and i walked away and hid behind them (there is a wal that kinda seperates that table) and layed down. A few mins passed and he came and we started talking but than my name was called so i walked up and got my award (yippie) and came back 2 my spot where a lay down and my friends (sarah, bridget, and elena) came up and elena sat on me (u fatass elena). and he heard me scream and kick (lol dont worry ily u elena) and than they left me...(i hate u guys 4 that) and i was a loner again and than he saw me lonly and came up and we started talking (btw it was freezing) and he asked me if i wanted his jacket and i said sure and his jacket smelled SOOO NICE and we started talking again and than he asked me if i could hav his number and i said ya so i gav it 2 him and at the end he walked up 2 me and asked if he could hav a hug goodbye and i said yes and that was the best night of my life

p.s he called me later =)