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my ideas
i might bout stuff like stories idk really
Part 20 of my story
ok part 20 now imma try my best now since i havent been on for a while cuz of school. neutral

*bebe and the others made it to Aquaous they made it to landand started to get out*
Bebe:*takes a breath*home smile .Im finally back.I cant wait to see my family.
Sparx:u mean the Royal Ballentine Family.
Sparx:yep.thats ur family name...Ballentine.
Bebe surprised h cool smile
*zeke,seph,and elecktra got out the boat*
Zeke:hey guys i think we need to find crow,nami and melissa.
Seph:i agree
Bebe:yea ok.*picks up mira*I can maybe show my little cutie around to da family^^.
Mira:meow 3nodding
Bebe:ahhh ur so cute 4laugh Come on elecktra
Elecktra surprised k hold on...*goes to the boat and gets something out*
Bebe:*looks at elecktra*hmm?hey wats that?
Elecktra surprised h just a little piece on nano tech.
Bebe surprised h ok*goes on to follow zeke and seph*hey wait up u guys smile
*mean while crow and the others start getting out da boat*
Crow:*sighs* now that was bad storm
Melissa:hey where's big brother and the othters
*zeke and the others started to show up*
Zeke:hey you guys ok?
Melissa: biggrin Zeke
Bebe:hey guys its good to see u guys ok^^
Crow:yea same to u^^
*nami takes a look at the place and sees a big palace from far away*
Nami:hey wats that?
Sparx surprised h thats the Queen's palace and Bebe's home
Bebe:*giggles*well come on guys lets go see *runs off*
Zeke:bebe wait....*sighs*she never listens stare
Seph:lol lets follow her so we wont lose her. smile
Zeke:...yea stare
Elecktra:*giggles*she sure is happy
*the group starts heading the way bebe went...at that time they was walking in a big town where the palace was in*
Seph:so this is Aquaous.....Not a bad place
Elecktra:Its really pretty smile
*at that time ppl were waving at them*
Zeke:well the ppl here are nice
*they saw a fountian and bebe was in front of it*
Bebe:huh? oh hey guys^^
*the group walk over to the fountian where bebe is...Bebe was lookin at the fountian til her eyes glowed then went to normal*
Bebe:.....Im starting to remember...I used to play near this fountian when I was little.
Sparx:you starting to remember now?
Bebe:yea...I used to be here when me and mom take a walk around the town.
Sparx:do u remember anything else?
Bebe surprised h um....*thinks*...I remember...I used to always...go into the garden in the palace when i was a child.
Sparx:yea o.o its starting to come to u now^^
*bebe walks away and others followed....she walked until she pasted a huge outdoor stage*
Bebe:hey i know this place....my family always come here to watch ppl perform.
Seph:wat is this place?
Bebe:its a place where ppl all over aquaous come to have fun and watch ppl perform...I used to luv coming here.
Crow:I did too....it was always somthing fun going on....For example the Moonlite ball is tomorrow.
Zeke:well from the looks of it...this place isnt bad
Nami:*looks up in the sky and sees something*....um guys?....wats that?
*everyone looks up*
Elecktra:uh idk,zeke?
Zeke:not sure wat it is?
Bebe:*tries to get a better view* stare .....*sees a little girl and a huge plaing card*...its..its a little girl on a card? eek
Seph:a little girl?
Sparx:*takes a look*....oh boy eek ....its Elexis...
Sparx:bebe's little sister....she's trying to use magic agian eek ....I hope she's careful...she's still in trianing.
*a gust of wind suddenly comes...then Elexis suddenly loses balace*
Elexis:woah! o_o
Sparx:Careful Lexi!
Elexis:huh?....*looks down and sees sparx*gasps* SPARX!! 4laugh
* a tougher wind blows Elexis off her flying card....and she started to fall*
Nami: O_O oh no!
Zeke and seph: eek
Elecktra:someone save her!!
Elexis:*closes eyes*AAAH someone help me plz!!!
*bebe'pendant glows and she suddenly gets on vox*
Bebe:go vox!
*Vox runs then jumps in the air....bebe then jumps and catches Elexis and gets back on vox...they head to the ground and landed...Elexis was now safe the ground ran over to where bebe is*
Zeke:not bad bebe guess me and seph taught u well smile
Bebe:hehe yea...*looks at Elexis*hey come on ur safe now
Elexis:*opens eyes*huh?....*suddenly hugs bebe*oh thank u thank u
*she then looks up at bebe's face*
Elexis:*gasps* eek ......Bebe?...
Elexis:*hugs tighter* BEBE...BIG SISTER UR HOME!!! 4laugh
Bebe:lol yea*eyes then glowed and went to normal*.....*smiles*
Elexis surprised h sister where u been?!
Elexis:traveling?...where?....tell me? o.o
Zeke:lol cute sister bebe^^
Elexis:*sees crow*oh Crow san^^ nice to see u agian^^
Crow:lol yea how u been Lexi?
Elexis:lol fine....im still training with my magic
*four little creatures appear*
Elexis surprised h hey guys^^
???:Master are u ok?
Elexis:lol yea^^..my sister saved me
???:sister?*looks at bebe*
???:she's really pretty^^
Bebe: ^//^ oh thank u^^
Seph:wat are they?
Elexis surprised h they are my 4 suits..Heart,diamond,club,and spade
Heart:nice to meet u
Diamond:yea its a pleasure^^
Club:master dont u think we should head back?
Elexis surprised h yea i forgot...mom wants to see me
Bebe:about wat?
Elexis surprised h...for a outfit to the ball of cousre^^
Bebe surprised h..
*spade comes up to bebe*
Spade:excuse me lady?
Spade:are u really our master's sister?
Bebe:aw arent u cute^^*picks spade up*..yea i am.
Spade:^^hehe ok
Elexis:hey sis come on...the family will be so happy to see u...epescially mom...she missed u the most.
Bebe surprised h um ok
Elexis surprised k^^follow me*runs away*
*the group then follows Lexi to the palace.......there was suddenly a gate infront of the palace....two guards stand there*
Elexis:hai Linda...hai Darian
Darian surprised h princess...where u been?
Linda:yes...and how u get out the palace?
Elexis surprised h...umm..i used magic?
Linda:*sighs*Princess stare ....U cant just use magic to sneak out....espeacially when ur in training.
Elexis:hehe sweatdrop srry
*the guards then seen bebe*
Darian:it....it cant be eek
Linda:it is eek
*they both bow infront of bebe*
Darian:princess bebe....where you been?
Linda:you was gone for so long...the queen haven acted the same ever since.
*another person appears*
Linda surprised h madam ur here
???:yes...wats going on here?*sees bebe*.....Is it u?
Elexis:hai beverly^^
Beverly:elexis....is this..
Elexis:yea bebe^^
*beverly then hugs bebe*
Beverly:bebe....my little cusin....where u been?....Its been so long.*looks at zeke and the others*May i have ur names?
Zeke surprised h...name's zeke^^
Elecktra: my name's elecktra
Melissa:my name's melissa
Beverly:welll its nice to meet u guys...*looks at crow* lol crow san its been so long^^....how u been?
Crow surprised h um fine.
Beverly:thats good to hear....come on follow me.*walk into the gates*
*the group followed beverly...they suddenly seen four ppl...two boys and two girls...they all seen beverly*
???:hey sis
Beverly:hey erica,kerria...wat u guys doing?
Kerria surprised h just talking...*sees bebe*...o_o...^^ cuzin*tackles bebe*
Bebe surprised _o....ow...hey*eyes then glowed and went back to normal*
Erica:*joins in the hug* little cuzin^^
Kerria:we missed so much...where were u?
Bebe:um can u guys get off of me plz?
Kerria surprised h srry sweatdrop
Erica:yea*helps bebe up*
Bebe:*takes a breath* ok^^....*sees the two boys*
Beverly:hey josh...jeremiah come say hey
Kerria:yea dont u guys notice?....bebe's home
*jeremiah walks up to bebe and puts her in a head lock and gives her noogies on the head*
Bebe surprised w ow >.< cut it out.
Jeremiah: lol nice to see ur back home cuz^^
Bebe:yea^^*looks at josh*
*josh then walks up to bebe and also hugs her*
Josh:glad to see ur safe.
Bebe:lol yea
Beverly surprised oh yea these are the ppl who help her get back home. Zeke...Seph...Elecktra...Nami...Melissa..and Crow.
Erica:Crow san?
Erica:lol nice to see u agian
Crow:yea u too^^
Erica:so still like bebe?
Crow: O//O uh hehe um...
Kerria:hmm?...I heard the words like and bebe...*looks at crow*
Crow:O//O um *baks away*
*Erica and Kerria then walk to crow*
Erica:come on tell us
Kerria:do u?
Crow:uh uh...
Beverly surprised k guys enough...he just got here and u touturing him.
Kerria:Aww...oh well
Josh:so bebe how they help u?
Bebe surprised h zeke help me first...he gave me shelter and money to get clothes.Also he gave me food.^^
Josh surprised h really...-_-"
Bebe:lol yea and him and seph train me how to fight
Josh surprised h...*looks at zeke and seph*
Bebe:they helped me alot through the travel^^ oh yea elecktraand her friend james,nami and the others helped by giving stuff that we need and guiding us to here.btw *holds up mira* I have a little companion now *giggles*
Mira:meow :3
Kerria and erica:aww how cute 4laugh
Bebe:i know rite?^^
Mira:meow mama
Erica: o.o she talks?
Beverly:come guys lets take bebe to the queen.
Beverly:this way*walks off*
*the group followed beverly into the palace*
Elecktra:its huge eek
Nami:and beautiful smile
Bebe:*looks around*...*smiles*inside head*im finaly home*
*they made it to the doors of the throne room...beverly oppen the doors and zeke and the others were amazed of the throne room...they all looked around til they saw the queen talking to 2 other ppl*
Elexis:hai mom^^ *hugs*
Angel:lol hey sweetie wat u been up to?
Elexis:nothin....btw look who's here
Angel:who?....*looks up and sees bebe*..*gasp* eek ....bebe?...
*angel started to have tears in her eyes...she then ran and hugged bebe tightly*
Angel:My baby crying .....I thought u was gone...
Bebe:*smiles and wipes her mom's face*im ok mom^^...im back home now that matters rite?^^.
Angel:*smiles wit tears in her eyes*...yea*hugs bebe some more*
???:bebe...she's finally home..
???:yea now the family is full agian
Bebe:*looks over her mom's shoulder*...^^ auntie Patricia...aunt Lily Ruth.
*the two aunts walked over to bebe and gave her a hug*
Lily Ruth:it nice to see our little nice is back
Patricia:yea...we were so worried about u..
Bebe:*smiles*...btw mom?
Bebe:can i ask u something...its about...dad..
Angel surprised h..
Bebe:not now i mean...later
Angel surprised h ok
*an old woman appears...bebe turn around and the looked at the woman..the woman saw her*
???:bebe...my grandchild....*tears started to fall*
Bebe:Granny...*watery eyes*...*runs and hugs*
Irene:my sweet grandchild....*hugs back* I missed u so much...
Bebe:*smiles*...missed u too granny.
Seph:*looks out side*its already getting dark?
Zeke:I guess so
Angel:u guys can spend the nite here if u want.
Zeke surprised h um thank you your highness
Angel:lol plz.. call me angel...btw wat are ur names?
Elecktra:name's elecktra ma'm
Nami: nami please to meet u ur highness
Angel:well is nice to meet u ppl and thank u for bring my child back home.
Zeke:hehe np^^
Angel:*looks at crow*...crow san..
Crow: uh...yes ur highness? o_o
Angel:how ur family doing?
Crow surprised h um they been fine
Angel:thats good to hear^^
Bebe:*stomach growls*....O//O... sweatdrop hehehe...guess im kinda hungry.
Seph:lol ur always hungry
Angel:well lets go have dinner before we go to bed ok?*walks away*
Bebe:lol ok*follows*
*they all went to the dining room...its was a huge dining room*
Nami:so pretty ^^
Elecktra:and big^^
*there was food already on the table*
Bebe surprised //o...^//^ look at all this food.
Mira:meow meow food
Angel:*looks at mira*aww look at the cute cub*picks mira up*
Bebe:mom..this is mira..my furry companion.
Mira:meow hello
Angel:aww she can talk too?
Angel:so cute^^
Patrica:im not a big fan of animals...but u got to admit she is cute.
*monia,vox and tito appears*
Monia and Tito:*sees zeke*...^^ Zeke! *runs over*
Zeke:hmm oh hey....where u guys been?
Monia:we kinda got lost...
Tito:yea lost..but vox helped by sniffing u guys out.
Seph:lol vox u was lost wit them?
Vox:*nods* inside head sad yea and i never wanna be lost wit them agian)
Angel:aww they're all cute^^
*they began to eat....meanwhile at Zailos's dark palace*
Drac:the time is almost here..
Dracilla:..yea and we'll trash that ball
Evil bebe:*evil laugh* i cant wait.....imma soon see seph...and he's gonna be mine.. twisted
Zailos:everything is almost ready...our minions are ready....Anegl will be my queen and we'll rule both Aquaous together. >=)
*Back at the palace everyone was done and angel show zeke and the other to their rooms*
Angel:this whole hall is fill wit rooms u can sleep injust pick one
Zeke surprised k thx
*at that time bebe,kerria and erica,crow went to bebe's room...bebe open the doors and seen a beautiful room made for a princess*
Bebe surprised .o so pretty and its my favorite color...blue^^
Kerria surprised ur rooms are next to this room
Bebe surprised h ok^^
Erica:crow u wanna be alone wit bebe?
Crow:O//O wat? huh?...no no
Erica:come on we'll under stand
Crow:wait no
Erica:lol jking
Crow surprised //o um
Erica:well im gonna go now..*yawns* nite bebe
Kerria:well im gonna catch some Zs...nite cuz^^
Bebe:lol nite kerria*looks at crow*well im finally home
Bebe:how's those marks on ur arms?
Crow surprised h...nothin happened..
Bebe:u still have my pendant?
Crow:*shows necklace* lol yea
Bebe:*yawns* im sleepy now...im gonna go to bed..
Crow surprised h ok...*heads to the door*
Bebe:nite crow^^
Crow:nite^^*leaves out of the room*
*demetri appears*
Bebe surprised h demetri hai^^
Demetri:i see ur happy back at home^^
Bebe:lol yea
Demetri:but remember wat me and the other gods told u...
Demetri:good^^...if u need help let me know ok?
Bebe surprised k
Demetri:*smiles*nite bebe
*demetri dissappears...and bebe went off to sleep*

Well Im done wit this part...and im finally out of school yay^^...be sure to comment me on how my story is ok?

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