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Promenons-nous dans les bois, pendant que le loup n'y est pas

Si le loup y ├ętait, il nous mangerait, mais comme il y est pas, il nous mangera pas.
I have to rant about this.
I'm sorry.
It's really bothering me,
So i joined this new RP site right and it's fun, I RP with my friends and it's a fun RP with two god mods but everyone else is a decent role player. So first of all I'm never online when anyone else so hence I miss most of the fights but I don't whine or make people wait for me to post, nope, nothing.
So one of my friends told me t be more involved in the fights and I said I would try because I wanted to be more in the RP, I just needed to be online at the right time. So today everyone was online, well everyone needed for a fight and I said I would be one of the two people on the good side for the fight, I was all ready and I was posting getting ready for the fight. We picked the two people who had not fought yet and it was fun, then this girl character from our party suddenly decides she wants to be in the fight too. This girl has had more than her fair share of importance in the RP between fights over her and fights with other people because she gets online at the right time. So basically there are three of us and we have to have two people so I point the issue out and I think it's only fair that she should sit out, the other guy called in first and I called in second because I had not fought yet.
Then my friend comes online, the one who told me to post more. Yeah. Him.
He comes in and 'resolves' the issue by saying that the other two will fight and I get left out. I was online all day but no, I don't get to fight because the person who told me to post more down decides to not let me be in the fight and my spot gets taken by a god mod
Honestly in the RP right now the two evil people deserve to win with the way the main characters are fighting.
One guy can fly, heal, use fire, pull guns and swords out of HIS a** (pretty much) and evade EVERY attack and make suicide attacks and then not die. The girl (oh dear god) can turn into a werewolf, command fire and grow swords out of her arms. She is also able to intercept any attack even. if she is nowhere near Meanwhile the evil people are not god modding and they deserve to win!
This whole thing angers me because this was my chance to get more than five posts in one of the 150 post episodes and I am not a god mod whatsoever so it was my chance to add another good fight to the RP but no.
I don't know if you think this is superficial but to me this is a really big thing. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does. I guess I feel left out and useless...
And I HATE that feeling SO much.

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