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Afters hours of thinking and Pages of advice I finally have it (sorry if my biop seem a little you know I didn't want to turn it into a mushy love stroy. biggrin nevermind )

Name: Rin vossler
Age: 12
Species: Fox Keidran
Gender: Male
Job: Warrior
Class: Personal Knight
Weapon: A heavy two handed blade on his back and a rapier
Appearance: User Image
Skills: Flametougne,Thunder Blade,Liquid Steel,Ice Brand (offical skill site FF 10-2)
Other: carry the the heavier sword on his back but doesn't uses it that much, has a habit of taking things
Bio: A slave as long as he could remer he had no Idea he would be finally bought again. He was glad but in a way tired of being bought like a item. He went to see his new master. It was a girl who had been eyeing him for the pst week or so. she wanted him more as a gaurdain than a slave or pet.

unknowingly to Rin the girl was the town black smiths's dauther also he was now a personl knight to a black smith. when they reached the black smith's shop, Rin stood face to face with a man taller than any other human Rin had seen and more buff than than a king bastin.The black thought of Rin as a little scrawny and had the Perfect sword for him a heavy sword that was gathering dust in his armory he thought to him it was just taking up space.

The black smith's dauther invited Rin a Place to stay before he'd head off to his first job. That night the girl knew that the sword her father gave him was to heavy from rin. so she had made a lighter sword for Rin. She enchanted the blade wth four elements that Rin would have to learn

as morning came she finish the balde and her gave it to rin as he was about to be sent off by the black smith

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