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About some of my fave characterd in Naruto
According to the Naruto databook:
All About Sasuke Uchiha
* Sasuke's hobbies are training and taking walks.
* Sasuke wishes to fight against the upper ninjas of Konoha.
* Sasuke's favorite foods are onigiri and tomatoes, while his least favorites are fermented soybeans and anything sweet.
* Sasuke has completed 16 official missions in total: 7 D-rank, 1 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 6 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
* Sasuke's registration number is 012606.
* Sasuke's favorite word is "power" (chikara).

*Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan is the only one that doesn't have three points. It consists of three overlapping ellipses, giving it six points. It is also the only Sharingan to have inverse colors; while most are red with black designs, Sasuke's seems to be black with red designs.
*Sasuke's given name comes from the legendary ninja Sarutobi Sasuke. Sasuke's surname, "Uchiha", is another way of pronouncing "uchiwa" (団扇, paper fan), which is actually the Uchiha clan symbol. Uchiwa can be used to fan flames, making the flame hotter — referring to the fact that the Uchiha is a clan of fire jutsu users.
*Unlike most characters in Naruto, Sasuke does not address anyone with honorifics at the end of their names (except to his parents, clan members, and Itachi when he was a child), like "Kakashi-sensei" or "Orochimaru-sama", something the Japanese would consider very insulting or rude.
*In the June 2006 edition of Shonen Jump, Kakashi remarked that, while Sasuke is a genius, he is dull to teach because he learns everything easily, compared to the less predictable Naruto.
*Although Sasuke's first appearance is generally thought to be chapter 3, he can actually be seen sitting behind Naruto in chapter 1, page 14.
*Sasuke is the youngest member of Taka (being the same age as Karin and Suigetsu, but with the latest birthday), yet he is the leader.

* "I am an Avenger!"
* (To Team 7) "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone."
* (To Naruto) "You are one of the ones I want to fight the most."
* (To Naruto) "What do you know about me, if you had no siblings or parents? What do you know about me if you were alone from the start?! Huh?! I suffer because of the bonds I once had! You don't know what it's like to lose all that!"
* (To Naruto) "Your life was only spared on a whim, but this time, you will lose your life on a whim."
* (After Itachi's Tsukuyomi) "With my hatred ... I'll turn the illusion into reality!"
* (To Itachi while performing Kirin) "Disappear with the thunder..."
* (To Madara) "If you think I'm just some stupid kid ruled by his emotions, then so be it. Saying I should follow in Itachi's footsteps is nothing but pretty words. It's nonsense meant for those who don't know hatred. If anyone wants to deny my way of living, I'll kill everyone they cared about! Maybe then they'll feel a little of my hatred."

All About Sai

* It was commented on by Sakura, Ino, and Naruto that Sai resembled Sasuke physically. However, Sai and Sasuke had totally different personalities and Sai has extremely pale skin and short hair compared to Sasuke.
* As Sai was formally a member of ANBU, he referred to Kakashi as his Senpai out of respect.
* According to the third databook, Sai wishes to fight Kakashi Hatake.

* (To Sakura) "I've drawn hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures so far... other pictures have the situation at the time, and the artist's feelings... like portraits have the person's name... but don't pictures usually have titles...? To be more precise, even if I try to give them titles, I just can't do it. I don't feel anything... they don't put me in mind of anything."
* (To Naruto) "Please stop staring at me. Or I'll have to hit you."
* (To Kabuto) "If people change... then so can I. But some things never change. Bonds. I'd like to learn more about them."
* (To Naruto, Sakura and Tenzo) "Sai is the name I was given for this mission... I'm nobody. I am a tool for Lord Danzo. I don't exist."
* "... I don't have feelings."
* (To Sakura) "A smile can get you out of a tough situation, even if it is fake."
* (To Naruto) " Naruto... You like Sakura, don't you?"
* (To Naruto) " I read it in a book... People always smile around the people they like. And you're always smiling at her. Did you tell her how you feel?"
* (To Sakura) "Sasuke causes Naruto pain.. But I think you do too."
* (To Sakura) "But...even I can tell...that he truly loves you!!"

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