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Keiko Hanazawa
Community Member
first off, you like boys right?
Course I do. x3

has a zac, jordan or kevin ever kissed you?
No? A Kevin hopes to but like I would let him. >.>;;

do you tend to fall for players?
Mmmm, sometimes I do. I wouldn't really call it a tendency. I have a couple of times.

will you have a boyfriend in two months?
I hope so. [By this I mean the one I already have. c;]

do you always find it cute when boys call you babe/baby?
Aha! depends who. Boyfriend calling me that? Sure. I love it. My guy friends? I'll smack 'em in the head. xD

has a boy ever complimented your hair?

what would you do if a cute boy wrote a song for you?
It's only my dream for a guy to do that. o 3 o

has a guy ever asked your best friend about you?

do you like hugs from cute boys?
I like hugs from everyone. c;

is there a secret only one person knows about you?

do you wish someone would call you right now?
Please do!

if you are being extremely quiet what does that mean?
there's something wrong with me. Like a pervert might be living in my house or something...

are you a morning person or a night person?
both (: I'm energetic 24/7... usually.

do you want to get married?
Who doesn't?

you're in the hospital, who on your friends list would you call?
On Gaia? iFive, Soradke, JunTeng, maybe even My Miranda Rights.

do people underestimate you?
I actually don't know.. I'd say no. They usually overestimate me. I'm not some perfect person who can do everything.

your hair is mostly?
Straight. d;

do you wear lip gloss daily?
Mmmmm, maybe.

what's the dumbest thing you've done?
The dumbest thing? I've said a lot of things that weren't supposed to sound dirty but people made them out dirty. 'How do you turn this guy on?' 'Why're you so hot?' 'Can't you just take me away?'

what are you wearing?
A dress right now 'cause I had a recital. x3

know anyone named maggie?
Three. d;

do you have reason to smile right now?
I'm a happy person... but I don't smile to myself like a creep.

have you ever woke up next to someone and wanted to puke?
Maybe. ;D

what do you do when you need to relax?
Go outside.

do you like things in life to stay how they are or change?
Right now I want change. I usually hate change but right now I want it.

if someone liked you, what would be the best way to let you know?
Straight to my face. I don't like it when guys hit around the target.

what are you listening to?
Crawl by Chris Brown

if you won a lot of money on the lottery, what would you buy first?
I don't know. I honestly have everything I want.
OH! I remember.. a ticket for a certain someone to get the hell away from me.

would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?

could you forgive a boyfriend or friend who physically hurt you?
If it wasn't an accident . then hell no. If it wasn't playful, no.

what's your greatest fears in life?
Creepy-molester-rapist-old men.

do you have a best friend?
Course I do~<3

are you afraid of death?
Not really.

Who was the last person you leaned on?
Considering I'm talking about Gaia, it'd be.. SARAH.

are you looking forward to anything?

do you open up to people easily?
I'm not shy but I don't talk about my personal life with just anyone.

what do your friends call you?
Keiko. :3

has anyone upset you in the last week?

what's the best thing about you?
what don't you tell me?

what are you going to do tomorrow?
Party some more~<3

who is your favorite person to have a serious conversation with?
(It's the same people popping up 'cause I don't have many friends on Gaia)
Well, I haven't really had serious conversations with anyone yet...

what are you craving?
Fatty foood. xDD

what's the closest red thing to you?
Something red in my closet? Maybe a pair of heels? I'm too lazy to get up and check.

do you love anyone more then yourself?
Yesh~ Lotsa people.

are you happy?
Used to be. Right noww? Not really.

have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
What? So someone can lick it when we make out? xD Lol~ Or so that it's in the way when I make out with someone? No way. x3

does a kiss make your cuts feel better?
hahahahaha it doesn't..but some people do it anyway. It makes me feel like a little kid.. I like it. >3<

have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
Uh huh.

can you cook?
cereal..OHOHOH and toast, WITHOUT burning x3
Just kidding. No, I'm not kidding. I can't make anything. Even the toast is if-y.

what shoe do you put on first, left or right?

have you brushed your teeth while in the shower?
Ew, no. That's gross. D<

have you ever thought about your death?
Who hasn't?

whats your hair color?
A mix of black and brown. I think I still have a few faint red streaks in there.

where do you put your towel after taking a shower?
I leave it in the bathroom. The housekeeper insists on taking it herself. >.<;;

what color is your shower curtain?
I don't have shower curtains. Not like anyones in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower. I have glass surrounding it?

have you ever had stitches?
Once when I was little. I don't really remember.

did you believe that boys have cooties?
When I was in kindergarten. d;

do you know how to use chop sticks?
Yush~ I'm super pro with 'em.

can you finish the phrase, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
A freaking retard~ *cough* Spongebob Squarepants *cough*

do you sometimes believe that guys have PMS?
I do actually. Creeps the hell out of me. xD

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