✖Honey, Franken-Bunny lover.✖

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Age;; 14
Name;; Honey
Gender;; Female
Ethnicity;; Eurasian
Sexuality;; Straight
Height;; 5'1
Eye Colour;; Honey brown
Hair;; Blonde bangs and the rest is brown:[x]
Skin Colour;; light skinned
Personality;; Bubbly, determined and not shy at all. She could be too blunt when she's too happy and isn't thinking straight. She loves making people happy. She could be clueless at times but definitely not stupid. She's also the type to hide a lot of things behind fake happiness just so that she wouldn't burden anyone.
Clothing;; Anything that involves x's, o's, and Franken-bunny[her clip]
Needed Accessories;;Franken-bunny[her clip] please make sure that the bolts are on the side of its head(just like frankenstein)Like so.
Ref;; [x][o][x][o][x]