So weird on so many levels is what I describe my self. I also describe as Nikkou Jigoku.

ANYWHOO!!! You son of a guns.

Im going Crazy. twisted Not the ones that belong in a pyscho house but Im still going crazy. Yet Im funny at the same time. neutral Here's an example:
So in class a few days ago, My teacher asked "If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?" I raised my hand. She called on me. Here's my answer......"Well, first I would spend time with my family, then sleep for like 2 hours, after that.....go on a heist. But first, rob a zoo for a monkey,elephant, a mongoose, a ferret and a Panda." My teacher asked why a Panda? I said, cause their awesome. EVERYONE!!! was dieing of laughter. And trust me, I am a funny kid yet im still going crazy. I love all my readers. Except Bob. I don't like his un-0riginal Name. Bob......ugh! ANYWHOOOO! Peace out all.
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