Oh man I'm really not in the mood for this but I guess I'll have to right the final part to be gone of this mess and the morning and night thing won't be the same like in the last entry I'll tell you what I did one Day then what I did the next day. Today I woke up up early then before and was heading to the breakfast place and saw Wedgie Bottom actually getting a Wedgie from some Dude, well guess that explains it but now I wonder does he do that the other girls and why doesn't she just fix the wedgie whatever. So after my family went on the Metro and visited the National Zoo there I saw tons of animals like Red Pandas, Elephants, Shrews and Fat Monkeys. Here are the Links to the some pictures I took of them
Red Panda - http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/Piggmasta/P8220227.jpg
Elephant - http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/Piggmasta/P8220233.jpg
Fat Monkey - http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/Piggmasta/P8220230.jpg
Shrew - http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/Piggmasta/P8220229.jpg
Red Panda was really hard to get a picture of because it keep moving so I got some grass or whatever it is in the picture and stuck it out so he would eat it. We saw some Orangutans walk on wires across the whole place. We then went to a lizard exhibit and then saw some Sea Lions do tricks. I saw all three Elephants but the picture you saw was the mom. I saw the Shrew and Fat Monkey at the Small Mammal Exhibit. I also saw some wolves but my mom had the camera and was at the bathroom so I could take a picture of them sad . Also It started to rain so my mom and Grandparents went inside to hide from the rain but me, my dad, sister and cousin all ran to see the Lion, Tigers and Panda Bears Oh My a crappy recycled joke with a different punch line. The Male lions where hiding from the rain and the Females just standing there looks like we know which gender has the balls. The Tigers where walking around and swimming in the lake which was funny. The Panda was rolling around eating bamboo the camera was out of batteries so no picture but the panda is entertaining. After the Zoo we went home and you guess it watched George Lopez. On Sunday we got ready and went to eat Breakfast, no Wedgie Bottom. After we went on the road and went to Gettysburg and there saw the worst acting ever. Let's just say that the whole time there where giggles and studiers and one of the soldiers was wearing jeans. After that we did nothing really and went home and got unpacked it was 12 am when we got there the first thing I did was go and sleep on a normal bed. Well that's all for now I'll probably have more stuff but for now I'm saying Time to Watch American Gladiator. Also sorry about the crappy way of telling this entry just almost out of time and not motivated enough.

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