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Amear Locke was at his post for many hours now, standing tall and keeping eyes on the citizens. His armor gleamed in the sunlight for he always kept his uniform at it's finest.
Master Locke's gaze slowly drifted up to the sky but then he noticed the Queen's young sister resting upon the windowsill of the tower. His eyes locked into her's, but she was daydreaming in the clouds. Captain Alaric called over to him; He didn't notice until his boss roughly placed his hand on his shoulder causing him to jump lightly.

"Hah, Hey kiddo, your shift is over, you're off."

Amear gave his boss a nod of understanding and he went back to the officers hall.
He did the same routine that he did every other day; took off his gold increased plate, put it away, collected his pay, and said his fair wells to his buddies.

Locke walked down the busy streets and smiled as the children ran past him, playing tag.
He had his hand resting on the handle of his long sword as he walked with the pride of a protector.

• I'd give my life to protect the empire! •