well...after finally getting rid of my boyfriend of the last 9 years...lmao he posts this on his profile like 2 3 days ago

06/29/2009 10:12 am

Terrible Confusion

no you have fun and btw i talked to a lawyer...im not going to jail!!LMAO!! hahaha and btw id get tested...you know i dont like condoms or a challenge.And also have fun babysittingg your drunk a** mom for the next year or so till she dies.When she does ill smile and say...i told you so.So b***h take whatever remaining pieces you have of your shattered life and run...run as fast and as far as your moms money will take you.LMAO. I feel pitty for the both of you and i sincerely hope your less gullible next time around.

arent we glad this man is on the loose looking for a new girlfriends ladies!!!!!oh yea isnt he just like the sweetest guy lmao hes ******** 25 years old, but who could ever tell??!?!?!