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Welcome to the shadowed corners of my mind...
I am the one...

Asmodaeus, Bael's most favored name for when he incarnates himself, has partially transmogrified my past self into an image he considers more befitting of him...
For some reason, the smile he has, the only distinguishable aspect of his facial features, is oddly familiar to me. I have no idea as to why...

The wiles of Asmodaeus have already began to clutch at the hearts of those in the Cafe.

Soon, the aberration's machinations will reach into the very heart of Amestris itself, then the discord will take root, and mature into true Chaos.

This Chaos will ravage all of Amestris, and will bleed into the adjacent realities most in sync with this plane.

This terrifying and debilitating storm of elemental Chaos will begin to ravage the Multiverse, snowballing until it sweeps all of reality into it.

It would completely unravel the Pattern; the Age Lace would be rendered into loose threads of fate, not bound together in any way.

It would take aeons for it to get that far, but I must stop it from happening before it gets out of hand.

If I can save myself without having to pay the price I've already paid once, then so much the better.

After I take care of this, I will travel to the other planes Bael has seeded, and I will root out the brewing storms of Chaos before they foment the destruction he would will upon those he disdains.

I've found that Bael actually hates himself, secretly.
He hates everything created by the Architect, which would explain this.
He hopes to be born anew, unique, after he unravels the Pattern.
He plans on having key elements of himself preserved, and that he will re-form as his new order rises out of the Chaos he would wreak upon us all.
This information should prove to be useful, but as to how it would be, I don't know as of yet. Only time will tell.

I've heard disturbing, dark prophecies relating to Bael and a figure that seems to resemble myself. There were overtones of brotherhood.. Which worry me.
I don't know which, if any, of these prophecies have come to pass, or if they are yet to be. Their veracity cannot be questioned; the word structure of the prophecies clearly denotes the Prophetic Pattern; it is a word structure all true forms of prophecy have, independent of language or origin.

I must discover the implications of all of these findings and see where it all leads.

Most importantly, as of right now, I must remove Asmodaeus from the equation.

... The one who brings change.

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