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(Anaella's Insanely Specific) Character Application Form

Name: Ecire Pyrosis
Nicknames (if applicable): right now, Ecire
Age: 26
Species: Fire Demon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 207
Distinguishing features: N/A
Build of body: gymnastic build.
Posture: likes to stand on one foot, while the other is lightly resting on the ground tippy-toe, leaving hands in pockets of the belt.

Hometown: Aekea
Current residence: J-Corp
Occupation: Ninja/Scout for J-Corp
Native language: English
Other languages spoken: none
Style of speaking: normal, if sounding a bit rushed.
Volume of voice: slightly below the norm.

Likes: Cupcakes...immensely.
Dislikes: water, and being used by bribery of cupcakes.
Fears: spiders
Hobbies/past times: reading, training
Pet peeves: people assuming he would make a terrible ninja.
Pets: none
Talents: sneaking up to people without being noticed. {has been 'belled' by fellow members of J-Corp}
Personal goals:

General attitude: a bit hasty on decision making.
Religious values: none
General intelligence: Smart
General sociability: likes
Energy level: energetic.
Eating habits: messy, but polite. EX: would slurp noodles, but will cover mouth when burping.
Bad habits: tends to leave singe marks on whatever I am touching when annoyed. gets worse the more annoyed I get.

Family: none
Enemies (and why): so far, no nemesis. would say those of the White Battalion, but those are more like the BMC's enemy.
Friends: so far Zero the Hunter. {though I would like to think I am friends with everyone in J-Corp and a some in E-Corp}
Best friend(s):
Love interest (if there is one): none so far
General relationship and attitude towards EB: wary respect

Weapon(s) of choice: short sword
Fighting style: taijitsu
Strengths: speed, reflex.
Weaknesses: judgement making

General Biography:

General Personality: Relaxed

Visual References:

something for an E-Corp comic.

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