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Gori's Journal of No Concern to the General Public
Has whatever thoughts have popped into my head I feel are good enough to write down, links to some of my writing and anything else I deam worthy of interest.
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Name: (Only first necessary, last optional)
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Mixed, mainly earth
Title: Public Purist Leader
Affiliation: Purist

Hair: (length, style, color, optional)
Eyes: (color, shape, etc, optional)
Physique: (body type, physical attributes, optional)

Dreams/Life Goals: (self-explanatory)
Hobbies: (what does he/she like to do in their leisure?)
Likes: (<3)
Dislikes: (#@&%)
Fears: (((o.o)))

Biography: (his/her life up til now; no novels, please, but at least one good paragraph)

Strengths/Good Qualities: (good things about him/her)
Weaknesses/Bad Qualities: (less good things about him/her; I'd like it about even length with the above)
Temperament: (hot or cool temper? emotional? teary? cold?)
Talents: (include bending, if applicable, and whether traditional or using BATs)
Viewed As: (how do people normally see him/her?)
Secret Desire: (optional)

[[References, links to former rps, writing samples, etc, not to be included on profile page]]

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