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These are all stories I write about characters that I create. I also draw them all quite often ^^ enjoy
Kayoru's Story chap 1-2?
This was my first finnished story, however it is written out, and i havent nearly finnished with typeing it. I also am changeing the view point of it when i am typeing in it, so its more time consumeing then the rest of the stories. I hope you like it so far, even though i havent got much typed yet. sorryz! ^^;

Kayoru's story

Looking out into the midnight overcast sky, I thought about my life as it was now. I was a normal teenage girl (or you could consider me as an adult now), age 18, short black hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 5, and and a small figure. Well, maybe not completly normal. You see, I have lived on my own for three very long years now. Its pretty boring being alone, besides being with some of my friends from school at times. But anyhow, my parents, in which I had known nothing about, had abandoned me when I was only a child. (I had never known any of my real family either) I had wished more than ever that I had gotten the chance to know them, but no. I had'nt known anything.
So, that was one of my goals in my depressing life, to find out some information on my parents, and maybe some reasons on why they had left me. But I figured that would never happen.
Although, that wasnt the only thing that seemed a little far-fetched to me. (But this one is just a little more out there than the first one.) I had also wished to find another world. (I know, crazy right?) I knew for sure that it would never happened, but I couldnt help hopeing, that maybe there was a little more about life than I could see.
So, with my dreams and thoughts that I kept inside, I lived my life working down the small cozy resturunt down the road, atleast until one of my dreams finally came true.


"Kayoru Midorri"
A low voice called from behind me. I shivered feeling the figure's warm breath hitting the back of my neck. I slowly looked behind me with wide startled eyes.
I jumped, and let out a high pitched squeak, falling backwards and hitting my head off the fogged up window behind me. "W-who are you?" I said nervously stareing at the stranger in front of me. then continued on with questions. "what are you doing in my house? What do you want? How did you even get in-" Before I could say another word, the stranger put his cold hand over my mouth, and leaned forward over me till we were eye-to-eye.
I stared into his unique eyes for a moment, trying to calm myself, but I could feel the tears beginning to roll down my red cheeks.
His eyes were nothing like I had ever seen before. They were a light silver, but had a twinge of light blue in them. His black straightened bangs covered some of his face, making him look shadey and dark. The rest of his hair was slightly spiked, and dropped down near his shoulders. We wore black, worn out looking jeans with a silver chain hanging down one side, and a simple grey t-shirt with a black jacket over it.
So yes, he looked like a normal teenage boy, but what I seen told me that he wasnt at all.
Extended behind him were black bat looking wings, along with a black devil like tail swinging back and forth in through the air.
I knew right away that he wasnt all human, he was some kind of different breed from another world. Or in my words, he was a demon. (In my words, I consider a demon behing a magical like beign from another world.)
He continued to stare at me as I studied him closely, and with amazement. All of the fear, or atleast most of it had left me. I was filled with excitement now. After all, in a way one of my dreams had just came true. But, somewhere deep in that excitement I was nervous. I hadnt found out what he was even here for yet, so I still had to be careful.
I stared back into his icey looking eyes, feeling chills run up my spine again. His eyes were cold, and lonley looking, but held kindness in them also.
he suddenly spoke, making me flinch from the break in the silence. His voice was calm and low as he spoke. They seemed cold, and care free, but also held a sence of kindness and love in them also.
"Im not going to hurt you, so dont worry." He paused, studying me again. "You have been summoned to our world. You are also the only beign in this world that knows about us now, and you are forbidden to tell anyone. You will imediately be executed if you dare to."
The demon's wings flapped gently behind him a couple times as he stared at me again, then took his hand off my mouth, and began to back away.
I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest as excitement rushed through me. I couldnt help but continue stareing at him. This was unbeleivable to me! I had never thought in my lifetime that something like that would happen to me.
Finally getting out of my trance, I got myself to speak. "W-what is going on exactly? I dont understand what you mean by summoned-what am I needed for? Why me? And you still havent told me who you are!"
The mysterious demon grinned at me with a small laugh, his fangs showing. "You ask a lot of questions girly." He stared at me again for a moment with his simple smile, then sat down on the bed next to me, and leaning against the window, and looking comfortable. "Well, first off, My name is Catao. As you have probably noticed, I am from the demon world. You have been summoned there because you are the last one with a pure heart. We are only hopeing that you can settle a few things for us. If you cannot, then not only would our world be in great danger, but so would everyone elses also. More and more people every day are being over come by this darkness, making them not only evil, but much more powerful also. If our world happens to get overcome by this darkness, then they will have power to make the worlds all connect. That would only cause a huge problem, and make it possibly impossible to beat. Since I am only a half demon, the darkness will not overcome me very easily in my world-but it still can. But if the worlds do connect, then it would make my human and demon side much more vunerable. If I happen to become possessed, I want you to run, fight even, just anything you have to do to stay alive. Our world, and all other worlds are pretty much depending on you. Now, if I do get possessed, I will not stay possessed forever since I am a half demon, so I will return back to normaleventually. Just remember-do whatever you have to do to stay alive." Catao looked into my eyes deeply and seriously. His eyes held a lot of trust and hope in me.
I couldnt stop myself from laughing. I just couldnt beleive that something like that was actually happening. It was like a dream-and a great one at that. I calmed myself down quickly, and looked back into his hopeful eyes. Giveing a smile, I nodded at him. I wanted to say something, to make myself seem more serious about the whole thing, but I just didnt know what to say. It was so sudden, and didnt even seem real. But, it had to be right? I studied Catao's bat wings and his swaying tail, and the small black horns that peaked up out of his slightly spiked black hair. Yes, this had to be real.
I looked back at Catao, his serious eyes turning more into a glare. "I am serious about this Miss Kayoru. There is nothing funny about any of the stuff I had just said." He said sternly.
"Yea, I know. I wasnt laughing at any of the stuff you said. I just...I cant beleive that any of this is happening. Just, something interesting is actually happening in my life now." I smiled. "I am serious about this, I apologize if I made it seem like I was not. I will try my best to help, but...I dont quite understand what I can do."
Catao grinned. "You will be trained proffesionally for everything you need to know. You will have my help to. I am like your body guard now. I will protect you, and also help teach you. If you are wondering why we picked you, its because your rare, and only left pure heart holds a lot of power girly. That may be the only thing that can stop this. So we need you. Also, you will not have to worry about becomeing possessed, your pure heart is stronger than that. It would repel the darkness from your heart. You just have to watch the people around you. Never let your guard down! Got that girly?!" He yelled firmly in me.
"Yep, I wont. I will do my very best to help you!" I said strongly and seriously. My thoughts then imediately started to drift back off. I felt my eyes wandering off outside at the darkness. I yawned, then rubbed my eyes. So..how do we get to this demon world anyways? It wont take long right? I do need to get some sleep ya know'." I looked back at him while yawning again.
"You are not sleeping for a little while yet, well you actually might on our way there." A big grin spread across his pale and flawless face, making his fangs glisen in the moonlight that eskaped from a cloud and glared in through my window.
I stared at him for a moment in curiousity. "How do we get there Catao?"
His grin widened a little more. He suddenly stood up from my bed, grabbing both of my shoulders and pulling me right into his arms.
My eyes widened as I looked up at him startled. "What are you doing?"
"Just relax and close your eyes girly." The demon said, pulling me closer. "Just for a warning though, I wouldnt let go of me. If you do, instead of arriveing in the demon world, you might be lost in time for eternity." He said with a straight face.
"Woa! Wait! What?!" I yelled, being unsure if I should jump out of his arms and find a safe looking place to hide, or hold on to him tighter.
"Hahaha, you will be fine. I promise. We will arrive in the demon world in no time at all." He paused. "Well...hopefully anyways. My sence of direction isnt exactly that great. Hopefully we dont get lost in time, not sure if I would be able to get us out of it." He said with a straight face once again.
I stared at him for a moment, wondering if he was just messing with me, or if he was actually serious. "Y-You jokeing, right?"
"Maybe, maybe not." He paused with a grin. "I guess you will find out when we get there, and if we get there, wont you?"
I glared at him nervously. "Lets just go." I said in an irratated voice, but couldnt help but smile a little.
Catao's laugh, and some other unfamilular words mumbled was the last thing that I heard before we had took off on our possibly dangerous journey though time. I began to feeli dizzy as everything became completely black in my mind. I could feel myself drifting off, and couldnt seem to resist the darkness that was closeing in on me. I passed out.


I slowly opened my saphire blue eyes to the sight of the demon I had just recently met sitting in front of me. I yawned, and rubbed my eyes till my vision became clearer. Stareing at him, I realized he was leaning up against a tremendously wide tree branch. "Catao, why are we in a tree?"
Looking around me, I noticed that I was also leaning against a tree branch.
I looked up, noticeing that the tree seemed to stretch on forever, letting only a few beams of sunlight in through the canopy of leaves that surrounded us completely.

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