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UsakoChanDesu's Story
Umm...This journal has my stories that I'm making and I hope you'll enjoy.
(My Own Story [no title yet])
Author's Note: This is more likely a story and I have no title for it yet so Yeah. And it has no chapters. It's not finish but I'm thinking of maybe update it or somewhat like that. Enjoy!

After school had finished and I was walking home. Walking alone and have no friends. Ever since I had transfered to Tokio High, no one at school would talk to an outsider like me.
Tokio High is a rich school. I was able to get to Tokio becuase of my brain. I'm a freshman right now and I hate being in school. I wanted to transfer out and go to a normal public school but, the principal had to said to me that no school would want to me to transfer me in. It's just because of my skills.
Tokio High is a famous high school here in Tokyo. I just moved to Tokyo just a few days ago. I use to live in Chiba. I moved to Tokyo because of my brain. AGAIN! Why can't i just live as a normal person? The school I use to go gave me money and forced me move to Tokyo. And attend the famous Tokio High School in Tokyo. Tokio High School is the only rich pirvate school in Japan.
I live near the school. Just a few blocks and I'm there. It'll just take me 10 minutes to school if I walk. If I run, it may take half the time I walk or less. I live in a 2 floor apartment.
The worst part about this school is that there's a big hill. Every rich student has their own limousine and yet it's like I'm the only one who is walking to school. It's not like I'm one of them. Those rich bastards!
But now, after school is here. Finally! Then again. I have homework to do. But they're all easy. After homework, have a long bath. Then, dinner, sleep after that. Everyday is the same thing over and over again.

Next day had come. I woke up early, got dressed, have breakfast, and then headed to school. I walked in the front gate and saw many many limousines in a line. Those rich bastards must be heading to class now.
I ignored all that limousines and started to walk to class as fast as I can. Many many of the students were glaring at me, so, I started to walk even faster to class. Once I got to my seat, I stared at the window. My seat is at the last row and next to the window. The students in my class were still glaring at me. After a while, the students would talk to their friends to start a conversation.
"Homeroom will start now!" A teacher said coming in the classroom. He went to his desk and started to take attendce. All the students are here.
"Now," Mr. Kurushi said. "This whole semester will be studying time. A big exam will be coming up soon. So study as best as you can. It's just a preview of what you have learned." Mr. Kurushi started walking to the door. "Good luck to you all!" Mr. Kurushi had left the room.
"Well, well." a girl had said in the front room. She stood up and faced the class. "Guess who will get a perfect grade on this one?" Everyone looked at me. "Usako!"
I banged the palms of my hands on my desk and stood up. "What are you all looking at, eh?!" I said irritated. I walked out of the classroom. Everyone in my class glared at me coldly. I didn't really care about it. I walked and walked until I get up to the roof on the school.
I was there and started to sit on the ground near the gate and started to look at the sky. I was looking up for a while when suddenly I heard a door open. I looked behind and saw a boy. He walked towards me, looked at me, and he seemed irritated.
"Skipping class I see, eh?!" he asked madly.
I glared at him. "So?! What's the matter with that?!" I responded angryly. "It's not like your interested or anything, you rich loser b*****d."
"Oh, I see. Well, just to let you know...you shouldn't really say such language in front of your School Leader!!"
"Whatever, b*****d!! All I know is that I shouldn't know you rich people and me outta here! I don't belong here I know!"
"Then why the heck you around for?!"
"That's none of your bussiness!" I stood up from my spot. "Now, will you please excuse me." I walked to the door when suddenly I felt someone grabbed my arm. "What do you wa-" I was cut off with something on my lips. I don't know how and I don't know what. All I know is that I felt something on my lip. Something soft. I noticed just now that, there was someone on front me. It was that rich b*****d. What the heck is he doing to me?
He then seperated from me. He looked happy and I was stunned. For some reason, I felt anger building up in my body. My hand turned into a fist and all the anger is gathering up to my fist. I couldn't control my body and all of a sudden, out of no where, I hit him real hard. I hit him on the cheek and he went flying. He landed on the ground hard and then stood up and the palm of his hand on his cheek.
"What the heck!?" I yelled. "What do you think your doing to me, eh!?"
"Nothing much." the boy said calmly and seems happy. "I don't even think you'd care..."
My hand was making another fist and this time, it seems to want to punch him even harder and make him go flying farther. "'Nothing much', huh...then...let me introduce you to your DEATH!! You'll regret this!!"
The b*****d heard my words loud and clear and had started to run towards the door. I watched him run and heard the door slammed.
"What did the b*****d want?" I whispered to myself. I walked to my spot and started to look at the sky again. I fell asleep.

DING! DONG! DANG! I heard the school bell rang. I awoke and saw myself in the infirmary. I looked around. No one was around. I heard footsteps. Lots and lots of them.
"I'm going to a cake shop with my friends." I heard a girl said near the infirmary door. "Wanna come to, Zero?"
"I think I'll pass." I heard a boy's voice.
"Aww...Why? My girlfriends' are going to bring their boyfriends along. Why can't you come?"
"I'm gonna go check out the girl in the infirmary if she's okay."
"You don't need to worry about her. She might've left already. So please?"
"No can do. I'm just making sure. And anyway, I have to get home fast. I have to go somewhere. My sis is bragging about some shop and is forcing me to come."
"Alrighty. Maybe next time. I'll see you then."
I didn't hear anything after that. Just a few footsteps still walking around. I heard the door open. What am I going to do? I thought. I'll pretend to sleep. The boy was walking. Walking towards me. It was getting louder and louder, then it stopped.
"She's still here I see." he said. "Class is over and I guess I can't just leave you here."
I heard him walk away and heard him grabbed something. He landed it on the ground next to the bed since he walked back towards me again. I felt something heavy on the side of the bed. I didn't know what to do. So I kept pretending to be sleeping. I slept again without knowing I did.

I awoke again. I got up on a sitting position. I looked around. I was half-asleep. I saw that the room is a little dark and a boy. His head was leaning on the edge of the bed his arms supporting him as a pillow. I looked at him for a few minutes. AH! I thought. I thought he left? Oh no. I put my hand on his shoulder and started to shake him up.
"Hey." I said. "Wake up." The boy moaned. "I said wake up!" The boy's head slowly went up. He stared at me. "Finally."
"Oh...I see your awake now." The boy said rubbing his eyes.
"Hey!" I pulled his hand away from his eyes. "Don't do that! It's bad for the eyes!"
"Ya. My parents had told me that if you rub your eyes, your eyes will be affected of your eye-sights. After, you'll have your eyes checked and have to wear glasses. Trust me it's true."
"I see. I won't do it again." The boy yawned. "Excuse me."
"Well, bye." I stood and started to fold the sheets properly on the bed.
"Wow. You clean things? Don't you have like some maids or a butler who does all the cleaning for you?"
"Huh?!" For some reason I started to get angry. He is one of the rich bastards around this school. How can I forget. "Well excuse me for not being so rich!" I yelled and started to stomped myself out of the infirmary. The boy grabbed my arm.
"Woah, woah. Hold on a sec." the boy said calmly. "I didn't know you weren't rich. No need to get all angry 'bout it."
"Sorry." my voice became calm. "I'm just getting tired of this school. Me the only one who doesn't have any money like you bastards...I mean...people...doesn't have any special treatments. Except the treatments I get is people glaring at me like I'm some dirt. They don't want me here." I paused for a few seconds. I then realize of what I was doing. "Ah! What am I doing!? Why am I telling you all this?!"
"I don't know." The boy gave me a smirk. He seems to be having fun. "Well, now your awake. I may as well head home. I'll see you around."
He walked to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I didn't know why. He walked out of the infirmary room and I was watching him leave out the door. Standing there doing nothing but watch straight ahead. My mind was blank. I got into my senses and noticed of what he had done. I then started to run to my classroom, grabbed my bag and ran straight home. I have gotten to my room and yelled, "AHH!!"
Oh no! I thought. What did he do!? Oh no no no! No! Don't fall for it now. It's a trick. No don't believe it. Just think of it as a dream. It really was nothing. I took a big deep breath.
"Okay!" I said to myself. "That was nothing. Yeah. That's right. Just nothing. Just a dream." I took a long pause without doing anything. Thinking of nothing. Not moving an inch. I curled like a ball then. "AHH! I can't do it." After that, I went to bed. I didn't do homework because there was none. I then slept.

Next morning and I woke up real early. I have 2 hours until I class starts. I tried sleeping again but I couldn't. I got out of bed and took a morning shower. I still had more time. I took my time making myself lunch and breakfast. I ate breakfast. After that, I went to get my bag and left the room. I still have 1 hour to spare. I'll go walk around somewhere. I thought.
I walked to a park nearby. While I was strolling around I saw elementary girls. Not many girls though. I saw a little girl in the center and arms around one leg. She seems to be the youngest from the rest of the girls.
"WAHH!!" the little girl cried out. "IT HURTS!"
"Aww..." one girl said. "Can you not cry for a little longer? I can't get help if you start to."
"WAH! I can't help it! It hurts!"
"Umm..." another girl said rubbing her hand on the little girl's knee.
"WAHH!" the little girl cried harder.
I couldn't take it. I ran to the girls. "What's wrong here?" I asked.
"Her knee." a girl said.
"Aww..it's all bloody. Here let me help. Can you stand?" The girl that was hurt nodded. "That's a strong girl. Here lets go to the little fountain over there." I started to rinse her knee softly. Good thing she didn't cry. I pulled out a bandage from my pocket. "There you go."
"Ah!" the girl said happily. "It doesn't hurt that much anymore! Thank you Nee-chan!" I smiled at her. The girl started to run. "Bye bye Nee-chan!"
"Thank you and bye!" the other girls said running behind with the youngest girl.
"Bye!" I waved at them. "Make sure you be careful!"
"I will!" I watched them run off. After a few minutes, I looked at my watched. I had 25 minutes until class starts. I started to walk to school.

I walked in the front door. Lots and lots of other rich students glared at me when I changed my shoe, walked in the hall, and in the classroom. I sat and started to look out the window. Clouds were making shapes. I guess of the things I knew in my head.
STOMP STOMP STOMP! I heard footsteps. Then I heard students running around and saying "Get out of the way! They're here!" The footsteps were getting quieter except for a few which were loud. I hear it louder and louder by the second. Then it stopped. Then it started to walk again. I hear it louder and louder and noticed that it was in the room. I saw a group of guys. There were 5 of them. They were walking towards me. One guy slammed his palm on my desk.
"Come with us." the guy said to me.
"What do you want, you retard." I said madly.
"Re-retard?" the guy started to twitch. "Don't you dare say that to me!"
"What's wrong with calling a guy a retard? I mean come on. Everyone here is a retard."
"Okay. You've asked for it!"!
I saw 2 boys take out a rope and walked behind me. The other 2 boys grabbed me by the arm and made me stood up. The boys that took my arm then put my arms back and one made me bend, my head on the desk. The 2 boys with the rope tied my hands together like I'm arrested.
"What the hell are you doing to me?" I asked madly.
"Shut up!" the boy said who yelled at me at first. "You have no reason to talk in front of me you filthy dirt!"
Tears started to well-up on my eyes. I tried to hold them up but, couldn't. The tears on my eyes started to pour down my cheeks. After, the boy who pulled me down on the desk grabbed me by the hair to make me face him.
"Aww..." the boy teased. "what's wrong with the little tough rabbit? Oh I know what can make you feel better." the boy took out a pocket knife out of his pocket.
I looked at it and was surprised. I tried to struggle out but I couldn't. He was holding my hair too tight that it hurts to struggle. Even move my head a little and it still hurts. I cried but kept my voice quiet as ever. My tears pouring down real hard. When suddenly...SLAM!
"What are you guys doing?!" I heard a voice. It somewhat sounds familiar. "I didn't say you can use violence!"
"Sorry, Zero." the boy with the pocket knife says. "She's just way to stubborn to follow our instructions and-"
"ENOUGH!" the boy who came in the classroom walked toward us. He punched the boy with the pocket knife.
"Why did you-"
"I don't need you anymore." the boy glared at the other boys. "Nor you guys."
The boys who wrapped my arms ran off. Same with the other boys. The boy with the pocket knife released the grasp from my hair and me going down to the floor with a "Bang". The boy who scared them off looked at me with pity in his eyes. My tears were still pouring down my cheeks. I couldn't stop them. It's out of control.
"Are you alright?" the boy asked. He kneeled down and looked at me closely.
I looked away. My tears still pouring.
"Here let me help you." He untied the rope and started to reach for my arm to grab.
I slapped his hand and sat in a sitting position. "Don't you dare touch me!"
"I'm just helping you get u-"
"I didn't call for you nor your pity!" My tears are falling harder than before. "I don't want anything from you richards! All you guys do is...is..." Suddenly my feelings took over me and I couldn't finish my sentence. I covered my face with my hands and started to cry. I couldn't stop it. I cried loud. The boy came to me and started to hug me but I pushed him back.
"Hey look..." the boy said. "I'm just here to hel-"
"Help?!" my voice was shaky but I put in as much courage pressure in my words. "No thanks! I don't trust you! I wish I can just go to a normal school! I hate this school! I hate you rich bastards! I hate MY LIFE!!" I cried more and more. I couldn't stop. I tried to get up but I couldn't feel any strength building up on my legs. I felt an arm on my legs go together. And another on my back. I looked at the boy and he stood. I noticed that he was carrying me bridal style. He started to walk. I looked at him while he walked and my hands were clutching on his shirt and I didn't notice it.

The boy that carried me bridal style had stopped walking. I can tell that his is trying to open a door with his hand, using the hand on my back. He opened it. I looked around and noticed that there were beds, desks, chairs, and medicine cabinets. The boy put me down on the bed gently. I watched him. I watched him grab a blanket and cover me with it. I grabbed at the top off the blanket and covered half of my face. And still, my eyes wet with tears which are still falling. The boy put his hand on my head. His face came closer to my face.
"You'll be fine with me." the boy said.
My eyes widened.
"Don't worry. I'll be with you. Now, don't hate. Don't hate your life."
Those words made me calm down and my tears drying. My eyes felt tired that it was closing by itself. I wanted to stay awake but I'm just too tired to keep it open. I closed my eyes. I felt something soft on my forehead then I went to sleep.

Few hours passed. I woke up and say the boy from before, who saved me from the others, sleeping on the side of the bed using his arms to support his head as he sleeps. SLAM!! I heard the door open.
"ZERO!" I heard a voice coming in the room. "ZERO!!"
The boy next to the bed moaned.
"ZERO!" the voice came towards to me and the boy. I looked up. It was a girl. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!"
"What you mean?" the boy said rubbing his eyes. Then stopped. "Oh forgot."
This guy must be Zero. I thought.
"Zero!" the girl says. "What are you doing?" Her eyes were watery. "Why are you hanging with this...this...piece of trash? Why did you save her?"
"I don't know what you're talking about, Rika."
So this girl must be Rika? I thought.
"Why are you with this trash here?" Rika pointed a finger on me. "Why?"
"Don't talk to her like that!" Zero said putting her finger down.
"Then answer me." Rika looked like she was going to cry.
"She, this girl..." Zero paused. "she's something. She has my interest Rika."
"In-interest? How?!" Rika started to yell and I see her tears falling down her cheeks. "How is this girl interesting? She's just a piece of DIRT!"
"She is no dir-"
"Forget this Zero! I'm breaking up with you! I HATE YOU!" Rika started to run out of the room. I heard her slam the door.
The boy, Zero, looked at me. He smiled. I looked at him. Why did he say that? I thought. Why did he do that? Isn't he going to chase after her? What's wrong with this boy?
"I bet you're saying why I sad that to Rika, huh?" Zero said still a smile on his face.
I nodded.
"I did this for you." He said with a serious tone.
My eyes widened. I was about to say something but the words didn't come out.
"I don't want to see you hurt again."
He leaned to my face and his lips touched mine. Somehow this kiss is somewhat gentle than the kiss that the rich b*****d gave me on the school roof. this is different. I don't know how to react. I looked at his eyes and he looked at mine. I can tell. I can see my own eyes in his. After, he broke the kiss.
"I'll go get your bag and walk you home." Zero said as he stood. "You seem tired." He walked out of the room and I sat there on the bed until I heard the door close.
I touched my lips softly and I was amazed of how soft his lips were. I never knew that there was a soft and gentle kiss in the world but this kiss that Zero gave me was like dream that I've always wanted to happen. I kept touching my lip and mostly my lower lip. I got into my sense. I forgot of what just happened. My mind felt like I was somewhere else but now I'm back to thinking on Earth. Oh my gosh! I thought. What just happened? Did he just-? No it can't be. But then... I touched my lower lip again. Everything felt real. The softness of his lip and those gentle words. Everything. Everything felt real. I stopped touching my lip and put my hands on my lap. I looked out the window. Clouds passing by smoothly. Zero...
"Zero..." I said to myself.
"Did you call me?" a voice came in the room.
I heard the door closed and Zero was walking in. I looked at him and lowered my head to hide my face from blushing. "Uh-uh..." I said. "That...that was just nothing."
"Well...I'm glad that you're fine now." He sat down next to me. "You should be thankful to your savior who saved you twice." He gave me a smirk.
I looked up. "What? How is it twice?"
"One, when you were at the roof and two, when you were attacked."
"For your information, I was just sleeping on the roof and I did not need your help from that. And another thing. It was your idea that you send those boys to me!"
"You were sleeping on the roof?" he paused. "You shouldn't be doing that. You'll get yourself sick. For the other thing...I never knew that it woas going to happen that way."
I forlded my arms angrily.
"Will this make you fell better?" Zero leaned to me and kissed my cheek.
"Wha-what are you doing?!" I said shockingly. "Stop making suprises!"
"What you hate them?"
"Well...you have to get use to them." he smiled at me. It was a kind smile compared to the jerk from the roof. "Come on. Let's go."
"where we going?"
"I'm going to walk you home remember?"
"And who asked you to?"
"well, you look tired and I thought maybe, sending you home by yourself, you might collapse."
"Me collapse? Please." I got off the bed and started to walk out the door. "Like that's ever gonna hap-" Suddenly all the strength I had were gone. I was falling to the side when suddenly, Zero caught me.
"What did I tell you? Com'on. I'll carry you."
He bent down and his back faced towards me. I can tell he was offering me for a piggyback ride. I got on. He slowly got up so I wouldn't fall and started to walk out of the room. I put my head on his shoulder to rest and ease my mind. I closed my eyes and unexpectedly, I slept.

[*Note: Nee-Chan is Big Sister]

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