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Any thing anime and manga and cosplay come in and see ^^ comments are loved ^^
Hi-Ya! Gais, My Name is Heather and I'm one of two people who just happen to be running a art shop, let me tell you about me and the other persong

Jaz or KNE: KNE is short for kEwLeSt NeRd EvA. <--which is her gaia name
she is a full time artist. her art is Traditional. jaz is a crazy fun loving hippy that is on all almost most of the time but is on every day, and very talkable and fun to talk to . examples of art and other infor for her will be below..
Traditional-cause shes just starting with drawing on the computer

Heather or Blitzwing: blitzwing is short for well blitzwingxo <---which is her gaia name
she is a part time artist(shes in collage). her art is digital-program she uses is opencanvas 1.1.
she is easy to talk to but isnt on all the time but likes to talk when pmed. examples of art and other info below.
digital-she has been drawing on the tablet for over 2 yrs now but she starts off with a traditional drawing then makes it digital
NOTE: for Blitz if you want hers to be in traditional (sence us know its already drawn b4 the its digital) just PM her and when shes done drawing it she'll send it to you but if you want dont like it like that then just tell her and she'll be happy to draw it digital..dont worry you wont hurt her feelings ill take a lot to do that but then she'd be fine about an hr later XD
NOTE: another note she can also make ur pic blink but will only do that for Headshot, Bust-she doesnt have flash but uses iaza

1-Follow Gaia's TOS
2-Do not order if the slots are full.
3. Be kind.
4. Don't insult anyone.
5. Please keep drama out.
6. Have fun, if you stay!
7-Don't PM Blitzwing & KNE wondering where ur art is..
8-Follow the steps of the "How to order" section. I'll try to keep them easy to understand.
9-Don't steal there art.
10-Be nice

The two have deviantART acounts

Different styles.(means a differnt person)
You can choose:
- Traditional,-KND
- digital- Blitzwing

What size?
You can have:
-gold- Headshot, Bust, Halfbody, Fullbody
what are the coloring styles?
-gold-non colored
-gold-colored with shade.

And these are the prices.(prices stated below)
the prices are not different between digital and triditional.. but are different between the types size..

(image of both heather & jazes examples)
(image of both heather & jazes examples)
(image of both heather & jazes examples)
(image of both heather & jazes examples)

Prices & extras

-gold-colored with shade-

-gold-colored with shade-

-gold-colored with shade-

-gold-colored with shade-

Companions (animals & S):

couples(2 people):

backgrounds(you pick):
eyes blinking
(only blitz can do it/its only for bust and head shot)
Mini comics-(KNE only)
(wont be takeing all the time!)
-4-6 panels or less-100k extra
-gold-for colored-20k
-theme you pick

Do's and Dont's -Blitzwing

I'll draw:

-Avi animals
-Avi' Yuri-lemon
lemon: kissing is as far as i will go casue i no wanna get in trouble XD

I'll not draw:

-Hentai or porn
-Really cluttered stuff

Do's and Dont's -KNE

-MOST hats
lemon: kissing is as far as i will go casue i no wanna get in trouble XD
-Mini comics(info & prices up ^^^)

I'll not draw:

-Pets and animals
-Hentai or porn
-Really cluttered stuff

How to order:

-1 : Read the rules and make sure the slots are empty.
-2 : Fill this form and post it. DON'T SEND IT BY PM :

Type: (headshot/bust/ect) + (line/colour) or (comic)+ (theme)
Avatar/s: (tektek here, I don't want things like "The avatar I'm wearing right now" ò_o.)
Pose: -not with comic-
anything else?:
total price:

3- Wait for me to confirm the order
4- Send the trade
5- I'll draw and then send the art to you.
6- I complete the trade, you complete the trade.

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