Im so Lonely,
A lot more than ever.

Its like whenever I go home and live in that damned basement.
It makes me feel like a princess locked in a dungeon!
Eversince I started living there my mom's like..
Everything will work out, yeah.
I wonder how she could say that with a smile.
We are probably going out of business.
I should just get a normal job.
You know? Like, I could just work in a grocery store or in a mall,
I could work practically anywhere. If only.. If only I was old enough!!
x _ x

Wretched age restrictions, im okay with it on Porn and all but GOD SAKES I NEED A JOB! I looked in my wallet, and I have like .. Iunno .. probably .. 8 dollars NO WAIT .. probably less than that! DX
e __e ~ Can I just be like a fuggin security person or something that has me hurting someone for doing some bad sh!t?
You know? My eyes are like Fuggin Security Cams.
I go . " HEY BETCH! " and they go " WHAT HOE? "
and I say " .. HAND OVAH TEH CANDEH BAH! " then they run.
so I tackle them I hit their head over with a jar of popcorn kernals and shove a banana up their @$$!!
no actually use the popcorn kernals or just throw my show at their head or something or like IUNNO anything that hurts somone.


How did I end up talking about jobs when I was talking about my
O v er poweri ng Loneliness. . .

Oh thats right its the boredom factor.
Whenever I get lonely my mind strays off to F-ed Up land of boredom, where your mind tries to find something to focus on and stick to it without realizing it and crap Iunno like .. If your bored and your like .. god.. am .. so .. bored.. and you start doodling. and you end up probably making a KICK a** GAME! or A KICK a** .. WEAPON! OR.. . a .. KICK a** PICTURE THAT NO ONE USES IT OR OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE WOULD STEAL FROM YER a**l ~

... wait I guess thats all.