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Eh. Some kind'a journal thing. :P What are you doing in here? I'm boring! D:

Adnama Lavode
Community Member
✖ Extended bio for the curious. ;o

    Name: AJay
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian. Don't let the dark skinned avi fool ya. ;3
    Hereditary background: English/Irish
    Kids: Hell no. Don't want any. Ever. I like my money and free time.
    Talents/hobbies: Making art (Digital, traditional, sculpting, and other.), singing, online debate, reading.
    Favorite artists: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Gianlorenzo Bernini, Anry Nemo, Ursula Vernon and many more.
    Favorite Author: Steven Brust
    Favorite song: Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Gem (Ending theme for Chrono Cross) Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda; lyrics and vocals by Noriko Mitose
    Favorite games: The Zelda series, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (+ expansions) / Oblivion / Skyrim, Disgaea 1-3, Final Fantasy VII-X & XIV, Animal Crossing NL, Pokemon (all of them), The Silent Hill series, Psychonauts, Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    General likes: Nearly all animals, nature itself, making and viewing art of all genres, fantasy and sci-fi, being exposed to new cultures and customs, regional and ancient architecture, travelling, Disney's Epcot, moderately sized cars, ecological conservation, philosophy, mythology, history (of all points of view), archaeology, psychology, sociology, some science/physics.

    General dislikes: Most insects and other things that are small and crawl, most republican ideals, art/identity thieves, Scientology, 4chan memes, rape jokes, RPing or LARPing, having to read things that I have no interest in, extremely small spaces, being alone in a large area, loud and abrupt noises, children, huge vehicles like the H2s and H3s because they eat gas and are extremely horrible for the environment, complex math that I'll never use, the typical human disposition.

    Likes in people: Kindness, consideration, ablility to take a joke, intelligence, proficiency in the English language, shares at least some of my views on things, the ability to stand up for one's self, confidence, randomness, sense of humor, being an artist is a plus.

    Dislikes in people: Dishonesty, arrogance, inconsideration for anything/anyone but themselves, lack of intelligence, illiteracy, egotistism, closed mindedness, overly religious and pushy, always offensive and unwilling to joke, lazy, expectant that people will give them things because they think they deserve it, one who takes action before they know everything about a situation, nosey, general a*****e types, twisted perversion, criminals, prostitots*, those who glorify things done wrong, stubborn stupidity, absolutists.

    A useful tip about me: I really don't approach people very often to chat and whatnot, so any chatting usually happens when someone else approaches me to start the conversation. It's not that I'm anti-social or anything, I'm just not the type of person to start conversations. :3 The only time I really ever start conversations is to complement someone on something, to give them help or useful information, or to attempt to stop idiotic happenings.

    My Gaia Home: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    My New Zip: 49 Barton 001013
    My Old Zip: 23 Barton 001036 (From my Towns Tester days. ;3)
    Best in the Avatar Arena:
    1st place on week 3 of 2008!
    4th place on week 45 of 2006!

    If I think of anything else, I'll add. :3

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