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Dear Diary
Sorry, all private x] Well except for the story thingy
Lol Nicotine Project Info

Common name: Cigarette

Technical name: Nicotine

Molecular Structure: C10 H14 N2 (Carbon 10, Hydrogen 14, Nitrogen 2)

....History & Discovery....

Nicotine is named after the tabacco plant called Nicotiana Tabacum. That
plant was named after Jean Nicot de Villemaine, French ambassader of

The tabacco plant is native to the Americans and it was used as medicine
and a stimulant when smoked.

Nicotine was seperated from tobacco leaves in 1828, but it's effects were
already recognized long before. There is no specific date for it's discovery.
South American temple carvings show Mayan priests enjoying the benefits
of this drug from smoking tobacco.

Besides being smoked, nicotine is used as medicine. It relieves some
symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. It also helps those with
severe depression focus. Nicotine also induces vomiting, kills pain and
fights infection.

When it is smoked, it's a whole different story. Nicotine is a stimulant that
also makes you heart beat faster. Smokers are three times more likely to
suffer from a heat attack than people who have never smoked. Nicotine
increases blood pressure so it also increases a chance of a blood vessel
bursting inside the brain.


Melting Point: -79 °C (-110 °F)

Boiling Point: 247 °C (477 °F)

Density: 1.01 g/cm³


Nicotine is addictive. It affects your brain making it have a dependance in

It takes only 7 seconds for nicotine to hit the brain when inhaled.

Like caffeine, nicotine is toxic to certain insects and was used as an

Nicotine exposure could cause Sudden Death Infant Syndrome.

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