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Tsukiyono's Journal
Peee-youuuu, something smells like big business.
You know what sucks?
The fact that Gaia's game servers crap out on me so frequently that I'm pretty much guaranteed to never be able to finish a game properly. It's really aggravating to sit down to play and then have your experience repeatedly interrupted. This is why I don't normally bother with the games, and also why I am sitting on a pile of tokens the height of Mt. Everest.

So much for idling away a free hour before bed. xp

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What the....? (rant ahead)
WTF is up with people selling second hand store items on the market for double and sometimes triple the price that they are in the store!!!! First of all those people are effin' morons, yeah you heard me right if you are one of those lame brain sellers. Secondly who is stupid enough to buy it!?

Really I have to feel sorry for the newbies who may not be that familiar with Gaia yet and may not know that some of those items are available in the stores for much less. I imagine those types of users are the only ones being took. What a nice welome that is, "Here you are new, let me cheat you out of your gold, welcome to Gaia."......bastards. stressed

I figure....
....that I will get gold for posting in my journal, so what the hell, I guess I'll post. Nothing spectacular to report really. I've been on and off Gaia lately as I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the craft fair next Saturday. I can't believe it is coming up so fast! eek Anyhow when I take breaks I sometimes get on here in the hopes that Gaia Housing will be up. Only 2 more days left in the month of February...I guess we'll see.

Liked the donation item this month quite a lot. I am almost always hoping for some type of flowing scarf, but the capes are pretty awesome. I really haven't been fishing much either lately, just a little bit here and there to make some gold. Got to start stock piling gold now to pay for housing related things in the hopefully near future.

Well that's all I really have to say. Time to get back to drawing.

The Long Hard Road
Well I did it, I suceeded in getting the silver bass trophy that I was working towards all month. I have to admit it feels great! Even though it may only be some pixels, it took a lot of effort and determination on my part to succeed and I think I can take great pride in my accomplishment.

Beyond that, participating in the contest was a sort of test for myself. I wanted to prove to myself that with a lot of hard work and dedication I could get anywhere I want to be. Perhaps some may think it is silly that I would need such a game to prove this to myself, and those who think that may go on thinking that if they wish, as I do not care. In the end it means a lot to me personally and nobody can take that away from me.

Now after the contest is over I have to focus on my artwork for the month of February. I only plan to fish in Gambino a little bit here and there and collect some hats that I don't have yet, as well as some junk. Hehe, never thought I'd actually want to collect junk, but with those crazy junk items, well.... whee Also I don't plan on contest fishing for a long time, if ever again.

Hmmm, now that it is all over, the scores reset, my name no longer on the boards, the trophy in my avy's hand, the day mostly done....Well I feel accomplished, and happy, but there is also a slight twinge of something ending. Ah well, it is time for bed and a nice long sleep.


Lost Buckets
I lost my second bucket of fish today due to being spontaneously logged out, and I'm even one of those people who religiously checks to make sure I'm still logged in before I catch my last fish. It was a great Bass'ken bucket too with 7 striper. Not my personal best, but damn good none the less. I'm so sad. crying

So far my current bucket is all meh, too. domokun Blargh!

Bland First Post.
Nothing of great import, just making a first post and customizing this journal. Seems crazy since I already have an LJ, but may as well get the full Gaia experience, no? Though I suppose in some cases the full Gaia experience can be a little disconcerting. eek

I am usually not on Gaia a whole lot, as I prefer to spend my free time on creative projects, so if you are actually bothering to read this journal or something equally as crazy as that, don't expect too much.

That is all.

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