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My life, love, friendships, music, mood, fun things, sad things.... all of the above 🥰
Silly coincidence...nothing more.
lol....i just learned some incredibly amuseing news about a friends lab partner XD its funny cause i was telling her about a weird thing that happend along time ago with this person and why it happend and such (it was sortof a relationship thing but not) and well, she was telling me about her lab partner and then i was like "yeah this personsname is *insert name here*'' and then she was like that funny my lab partners name is *insert name* and then i told her his last name and she was like "...... your kidding" and it was funny cause he's the only person who goes by that combination of names on this college campus, and yeah and so her lab partner is my sortof half ex whom im still friends with and its funnyness. XD (i also found out that this person goes to tech) but yeah, Raist was going crazy by that point and saying that her life is broken which is silly and such. XD but yeah. So thats the recent event. Me and caleb are still broken up, im not as depressed about it now, i still get depressed randomly now and then over it ,but not as much anymore...i just kinda want to have another relationship, but not unless god tells me to, or something comes up where its obvious that thats what im supposed to be doing and yeah....^^ so we'll see how that works out.....anyways, ill be on randomly throughout the day. so yeah ill ttyl ^^

Mood: Happy
Music:Stone Sour-Hell& consiquences

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Sat Dec 05, 2020 @ 09:23am

For anybody who cares. I say this guy was a half ex. Because we liked each other. We lived close. But he was Indian. And his fam was VERY traditional Indian. They wanted him to marry Indian. I’m Greek. So ...... traditional Greek combined with traditional Indian made for a really interesting but insane dynamic to work through. While we both had mutual respect for each other. It just wasn’t going to work. He was even afraid to let my fam come pick him up somewhere to bring me wherever. And at this point I didn’t have a car or a license yet *sigh* so while it could have worked I’d both parents were willing. Mine were his would not have been. We were both so young too. So we chose to remain friends. I still have a deep respect for him. He’s a good man. I never had an issue with him. And we always had great conversation. He’s doing well now. Married a stunning Indian woman and had twin girls Recently and I’m so happy for him. Still connected to this day. Anyways ! That is the scoop on that. That was a hilarious circumstance though. My friend introduced me to my fav of all time anime now lol Fate Stay Night. I wonder what he thinks of my IRL cosplay of Altria 🤔 anyways c ya!

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