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My life, love, friendships, music, mood, fun things, sad things.... all of the above 🥰
grrrr....okay another pissy entery...im not doing well in school at all..atleast i dont think so...a nd the quarter is ending soon...I hope i can get my grades brought back up to a decent spot...>.< failing would not be good...those who are christians reading this im asking for prayers, if not dont worryh about it....anyways...on top of not doing well in school due to depression/anxiety/impatience. Carol (my dad's girlfriend) is starting to piss me off. she has this thing, against people who have never had a job before in their life. She also has a thing against me not working while im in school. Dad doesnt mind, because im in school. She's mad at me because i didnt work during holiday break, ...but i really felt like i needed timeoff. and since it was right infront of me, i figured why not take it. so i did. she was not happy, now she's not happy about the fact that i left mabye 2 dishes in the sink. and they had been cleaned. one was only rinsed but it did not have any food in it to my knowledge...so, she gets home, and i hear a "okay the kitchens been trashed" in a very pissed off tone of voice, infront of tanya (her daughter) ....im very frustraited with this...I dont like that she critizises me, where she thinks she doesnt hear me, then acts like things are fine, with theacception of a few nasty commentsabout me in front of my face...as well as other peoplle...to make it more humiliating...anyways...My teachers are frustraiting, im stressed out, im freakin out sometimes i just wanna go to sleep for along time...but i know thats not possible...

Music: Aaron Shust- One Day
Mood:Sad/Depressed/Pissed/releaved/....yeah...its alot

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Sat Mar 10, 2007 @ 02:41pm

Sounds just like my aunt

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