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My life, love, friendships, music, mood, fun things, sad things.... all of the above 🥰
Angry rants and random comments
finally after 5 months more people read my ******** journal o.O;;;;; anyways lol... time for me to post another one for another asslong time...xD yah life is okay at the moment...i feel as though caleb is working himself too much...but well, its better than him not haveing a decent job at all...i just wish it wasa normal job for him (and so does he) so yeah. But well...yeah O.o;;;Ive been infuriated with people on gaia...I tell them my views on things. not to push them on them. but to see what they think about them and discuss their views. All i get in return? is flamed. because people dont agree with me...O.o;;;wtf is up with that? O.o;;; I speak my view on homosexualiy, and people get mad. I speak my view on freaking abortion, and people get mad...i dont get it. why cant we all just discuss our views with each ot her without getting pissed and jumping down eachothers throats over it? sad it makes me sad...

Mood: I dont know at the moment
Music:Skillet-Each other (from invincible)

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Fri Dec 01, 2006 @ 12:57am

Not hard to answer youre last question for ya stephy. Lots of people are stereotypical about homosexuality, and have very strong opinions about how wrong it is, and most of the time there opinions are based on the way the "world" thinks, so they go with the flow. No matter what you do there's going to be contraversy about those types of things. And good luck finding the few open minded people out there. And just for the hell of it...

The Democrats have won the house, USA's being run by loonys now. domokun rofl

And yeah, you've allways had at least one person reading ur journal, so dont complain. heart whee

R007 b33r ftw w00t!!

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