Oh! i never gave a report on the retreat for daystar! it was really neat by the way, loooots of spiritual stuff happend that weekend...i donno if anybody has ever heard of the tearm soak. but thats what we did. there was really soft music, and a few of the women leading the retreat would sing on the microphone, whatever they felt god was telling them to sing. O.o;;;and people reacted in very odd ways. you could tell they were in a different place spiritually O.o;;;its really hard to describe. but yeah it was just really cool. espically when i started to experience some of that too... >.> im going to go to daystar this saturday (they have a church service on saturday inst ead of sunday cause northside * the church i normally attend* ) yeah, XD im excited. that was really really relaxing and healing spiritually the stuff that happend at the retreat ^^ anyways, if anyone has questions either leave comments or pm me or somethng XD im willing to talk more about it if ya ask smile