Hallo, This past weekend has been okay, ive been frustraited with calebs parents...but what else is new. To let people know, i have not been on gaia very much due to school, So please dont get offended if i dont pm you back right away, or even at all...ive been getting TONS of pms..and its kind of hard to read all at once O.o;;;and my patience is nill right now so yah, ill do my best to pm back, its just hard when im spending my time looking up information on fashion and stuff on the web O.o;;; im sooo glad i have a computer to do this on...at ACA i had no internet, i woudl be stuck doing it in the ocmputer lab...which is just annoying. ^^ anyways...Caleb went on a mens retreat thing for northside last weekend. which sounds like it was neat...but i wish i could have gone, i wanted to go rock climbing and caveing... but yeah, Oh! and, im finally on a regular scedual for the church worship band. makes me happeh, i play violin every 3 weeks. on sunday morning ^^ its cool being able to use something i learned in highschool to give back to god as praise. One of the main reasons why i wanted to play on the worship team was because when im watching them i tend to not be so involved in the worship as i would like...i never really feel i should rais my hands or anything like that O.o cause i just feel odd doing it. so yah, Music was my solution to that ^^. and it has been a good one. O.o;;; anyways. I finally have a project in My fashion course at SCAD that i actually understand. which is great. well...its not that i didnt understand the other ones, its just i have a more clear understanding of this one. ^^ anyways, Speaking of project i need to go finish it up ^^ ill be hanging around on gaia and yahoo.

Mood: happy/sleepy
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