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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
OC: resentment!ren & cultural studies 101
so ren's cultural studies 101 class
it's in middle school
for her it's 8th grade

so y'know how i previously set that they do classes in quarters? i'm adding more details to that
and how some classes can repeat;
ok so - some core classes have a soft limit of 3 repeats i.e. in one school year you can have that class every quarter, but if you understand things right away, you can get away with just the first quarter (i think they use the term section? or is that for individual classes?)
(note: session is the term for hour/period tho)

so cultural studies is that sorta class - required, but not necessarily all 3 sections of the year, unless you want to/don't pass the first time around

cultural studies 101 - 3rd section/qtr - each qtr there's a group project (actually i'm p sure 102 and 103 are the same in that regard)
ren's group this time is with 2 girls - pen ("short for penny, which is short from pennsylvania" ) & edgy ("it's edgar! no it's not a boy's name ...just. call me eddie geez" )

their project choice:
people's reaction to money, esp big sudden quantity of money

so uh it really only works b/c ren's job(s) & eddie's rich family lol
but they decided to go to small privately owned businesses (cafes, stationary stores, ice cream/yogurt parlors, etc) & order a couple of small things (under $40 total) & pay with a $100 bill while saying "keep the change!"
and seeing how the register person reacts

ofc they have to say that they're doing this for a social experiment for class after they get the data they need
also pen & eddie (idk if ren does lol) record the interactions sneakily (and inform the person afterwards too) in order to have concrete data points

so at this point ren still can't eat so uh. the others try to get other small cute stuff for her!
and they meet at ren's choice of store b/c ren has low stamina and doesn't want to walk through to theirs lol

the partners:
- pen (/penny/pennsylvania) - she's from romania "not a vampire i swear!"but lives somewhere in the us (in a different universe from ren) just not actually in pennsylvania lol, has horns that appear/grow when she's content, has red hair on the pinkish side, bubbly & open, loud and also sometimes says inappropriate things very gleefully, giggly

- eddie ("edgy"/edgar) - she's from a rich family and has a butler (her chaperone b/c middle school students need one to go around off campus), has black eyes & black schlera like a void, bright pink hair, more reserved/down to earth like, but still very giggly, sometimes does outrageous things to cover certain actions she makes after that, knows what she wants, can still see her higher class upbringing easily

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