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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
OC: resentment!ren's haki
resentment!ren has both the mantra + intent aura of haki

and neither of them she can fully turn off
-- mantra / "mind reading" except it's not words,, but not exactly images either, can't be turned off at all - can only push it to the back of her mind/ignore it
- altho there's that thing where she borrows hunny's mindscape for escape b/c he has total control of his own mindscape (that's his kekkai genkai lol yeah he's a naruto oc,, but it's been so long since team 2 verse that uh)
- skin to skin contact with someone allows ren to actually read their mind instead of just getting their "voice" /impressions/ general feelings. she can't control this either
-- conquerer's haki / "kill aura" where she in her default state lets out an oppressive aura/intent unconsciously over a large radius
- this can be sort of controlled in that ren tends to reel it in / suppress it so that it lives (not this word lol) right under her skin
- sorta like how aku controls his bloodlust lol
- ofc animals can sense this aura no matter how tightly suppressed ren has it so regular animals don't ever go close
- animals with a more human mind tho,, if they aren't that reliant on instinct, they likely would ignore that danger sense b/c ren is actually pretty harmless

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