so apparently i can still get a shitton of sleep on weekends but still "waking up earlier" and sleeping at a regular time - it's called NAPS. yep. adult napping. that is a thing.

anyways. gourmet feeding Meow in pairs now. I did the math and it will take friggin 132 days of continuous 7 item per day feeds in order to make it on the leaderboard lol. Which is fine, that's a long time, plus I have about 130 items on backlog now (yep, went restocking again).

uh in terms of life, I unboxed my new swiffer sweeper thingy today, which i am excited to use when I get my keys this thursday. moving out first instead of last will be kind of sad tho, cuz i was hoping i'd get to keep the chef human's baking equipment ;-; i guess i'll be ordering again from ikea in may, then.