Work tomorrow.

Ahhh I miss spring break already. Waking up on time is going to be the biggest challenge of all. I've been sleeping til noon everyday.

Didn't get much done. Maybe I will save some of my crafts for later. I need to fix a zebra's ears I got thrifting with clay and paint it. Then fix that glass thing and paint a background for another glass thing.

I'm just happy I got around to hanging stuff up. I also scored some amazing chairs on facebook market for a steaaaal. My house is starting to come together. Maybe I can actually do something small with people this year.

Most of my coworkers and myself got the vaccine so perhaps... we like playing jackbox games?? Or maybe a virtual hang out. Gahhh, I have been so lonely. I had two hang out sessions planned this week but they both fell thru and I didn't work the weekend, so I am a little starved for attention and social interaction, aside from my mom. It's so weird she calls me multiple times a day. We go thrifting A LOT. I got her addicted. XD