Just an entry outlining things I want to try out wrt the whole zero waste thing...

Shampoo - try out peeled's refillable liquid shampoo. In the HE plastic bottle I'm keeping around.
Body wash - bar soap
Lotion - sorry, but this will be plastic.
Face wash - this too
Face scrub - try Birch Babe's products. I like that you can return the container too. (Peeled)
Face masks - when the ones from Winners runs out, I think grabbing a can from Kiehl's would be good, since they have their recycling program.
Toothpaste - sorry, plastic.

Handsoap - I think buying a large refillable thing of Softsoap is okay even though it's plastic. I need to save money in some aspects, sorry.
Dish soap - I like TUC. I will get more from Peeled.
Laundry - if I ever run out (LOL), I'll try out TUC.
Tissues & paper towels - honestly I can get these from Peeled...
Shaving - i will need disposable razors anyway. I'm still thinking about investing in a safety razor, though.