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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
(oc) murder party 2 (+3)
electric boogaloo

if alice decided to go whazoo on her side too
instead of just bet

like, she gets shigaraki out of afo's clutches
through blunt trauma and talking, probably.
"i convinced him nicely" sure..

also in one route
maybe a poly relationship?
alice (acchan) & himiko (miko) & tomura (ten) & dabi (touya)
with chibi rescued eri (ricchan) & babysitter kurogiri (kurochan)

wherein alice is willing to do anything for the people that are hers
(even kill the world)
even assume the identity of a world feared boogieman
and enshroud the world in chaos
or at least just build up rep

i guess things are healthier?? for alice???
idk maybe uh
i mean she has people for her in her side

but uh
since she gets told to attend ua by nedzu (mister nezumi)
and uh
b/c lov aren't a thing here
things go differently
and final exam wise (1st semester practical final, at least,,)
they have a villains vs heroes exercise (a la hero civil war fic, of sorts, but different lol)
2 weeks - 1 for recruiting & planning
1 for actually executing it out

mr nezumi chooses alice for villain team boss & midoriya (midorin) for hero team boss
all 1st year hero class students are required to join a team & participate
hero student hopefuls are recommended to participate, but not actually required (they have a separate exam)
villain team is 10 students max
all team members need to be 1st year students in ua (no class restriction)

alice chooses momo 1st
then mei (points out villain team has less members & mei's work would shine more/ not get as lost in chaos; also alice has Ideas for mei to work with already)
hitoshi seeks out alice and asks to join (he had teamed up with her in the chariot battle in the sports fest; alice was completely unaffected by his master abilities, he didn't exactly want to go against it + was already acquainted with her plan style)
alice grabs kouda (kouji) b/c she likes cute animals & wants to be able to have these destressors
- also she knows miss skitter who uses bugs like a biblical plague and complete information network and wants to see if kouji can manage anything similar; even know he doesn't control animals directly
alice lures todoroki (shout) out under midorin's nose
- midorin is friends with shout & didn't go with shout to register for teams
- alice waylays shout on his way & bribes him with info/face to face meeting with his wayward brother. the brother is touya. ofc it's touya (dabi doesn't get much prenotice, but alice gave him enough time to man up before she forced the issue)
- alice goes with shout to register him for villain team with brother info as incentive (leads shout to touya afterwards)
- shout pretends to regist as hero team and returns back to midorin
alice nabs monoma (neito); neito at first thinks of it as spying on her for 1-b
- but. alice reveals later after all team members recruited, during team meeting, that she just wants to prevent the hero team from making use of neito's abilities & she doesn't actually absolutely need him- will make him sit out on sidelines if necessary (sitting out is allowed, but the person would end up with a zero, so...)
- neito's all like,, fine. i'll work with you. properly.
alice grabs 2 business course students (ocs) b/c she wants more people for logistics
one of them she blackmails cuz she catches him trying to backdoor into the school's security system (he was curious?? trying to win a bet?? idk)
the other was very willing to join villain team once asked (ichisaki hanami)
finally alice grabs tokoyami (fumi) b/c he and dark shadow are a 2-in-1 deal lol

for funsies alice calls them murder party 3 (more bees)

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