Chapter 39:

A few days later, Evelyn was in her room in the Collage. She was going through some of her old books. She was sure she had notes somewhere on the study on Necromancy. She didn't have a lot, but she was sure she had something. She just had to remember where she put it. Which is what was giving her problems. She had everything, everywhere so there was no telling where she might have stored them. She lets out a low sigh as she pokes through cabinets, safe boxes and the like. As she continues her search she hears the sound of the door opening. She glances up and pauses her rummaging to go see who was coming up the stairs. Much to her surprise it was Tolfdir, followed by a young woman with reddish hair. "Ah, I was right the Arch-Mage was in." Evelyn shakes her head slightly as the ever forgetful fellow, but he was rather old now. "Thank you Tolfdir, why don't you get yourself some tea." He hums at the idea and soon wonders off. Evelyn then turns to the young woman. "I'm glad you made it, he's rather forgetful in his old age. Last time he tried to lead some new students to me he almost lead them into the Midden." The woman rises her brow at this. "Its a large underground area under the collage. No matter, my name is Evelyn and I'm in charge here." The woman bows to her. "Delly...Delly Curtie." "Well welcome Delly, sorry for the mess, I was trying to find something.." Evelyn lets out a low sigh. "I really do need to start organizing things better.."

"What were you looking for?" "Notes, nothing important, but I was sure I left them....somewhere.." Evelyn lets out another sigh. "Never you mind, so what brings you to the Collage?" Delly seems to shuffle a bit. "Well I studied magic at a young age, met with a group of wizard who sent me here." Evelyn watches the woman closely. She's not sure what it is, but there's something rather strange about her. This 'Delly' girl isn't telling the whole truth. But Evelyn has never really been one to judge. "Very well, the collage has the knowledge you are looking for. Whatever it is you are interested in." Evelyn takes a moment to look around her room, it was messier then it was before. "Would you like some help?" Evelyn tilts her head at this. "Oh no my dear, this is hardly anything you need to trouble yourself with. Though I'm starting to think I should have had Adrian help..." "Adrian?" "Oh sorry, my son?" The woman gives her a surprised look. "You have a son?" "Aye, he just turned eighteen, I know I hardly look old enough. The joys of being Dragonborn." She shrugs her shoulders a bit as she starts to clean up a bit. "Dragonborn?" Evelyn stops at this, most people, by now knows what that title meant. "You're not from here are you?" Delly shuffles again at this, but soon shakes her head. "No, I came from very far. Hoping to become stronger to find someone." Evelyn tilts her head at the woman. "Who are you looking for?" "A dear friend of mine. I don't want to go into to much detail."

The more this woman talked, the more questions Evelyn had. "Very well, we just met so you don't have to tell me everything." She turns and heads for her bookshelf. "So what are you interested in learning? Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, or Restoration?" She pulls out a few books before turning back to Delly, only to see a very confused look on her face. "You're really not from here are you, just what do you know?" For the next few minutes Delly shows what she knows. She knows the basics, which isn't all the much. A small fire spell and not much else. "Well, alright, you seem to have a small grasp on destruction magic, so we'll work on that." She pulls out a simple shock book, and a frost book. Evelyn then goes over the spells, making sure the woman understood them. It takes a few minutes but she slowly seems to get the hang of it. After a few hours or so Evelyn takes her down to the Hall of Elements. "You'll be taking most of your lessons here with the other students. We'll give you some robes and a place to sleep." She waves someone over and asks them to go grab an extra robe. "You are free to come and go as you please. All we ask is you try not to harm anyone. Accidents happen, but we will know when you are doing it on purpose and you'll be asked to leave. Also no stealing from other people. Any questions?" Delly watches her for a moment before shaking her head slowly. "So you don't teach anyone?" "Sometimes, but since you are still learning I figured a teacher that can do one on one will suite you better." Evelyn had enough work to do as it was.

As Evelyn makes sure the woman was settled she was going to return to her room to continue her search. However, before she makes her way there, the front doors open, Adrian walking in. Delly freezes when he enters and slowly backs away. Evelyn watches from the corner of her eyes. "Coming to check on me?" "You said you'd be done by lunch...I figured you either forgot or got lost in what you were doing." It takes her a minute to remember she promised the boy they'd have lunch. "Right, sorry, we have someone new joining the collage, Delly. This is my son, Adrian." He turns and bows his head to the woman. "Nice to meet you." Delly frowns but gives him a slight bow in return. "I'll be outside, try not to take to long.." He turns and waits by the door for her. Before joining him, she turns to Delly. "Problem?" Her brows knit slightly at this. "No it's just....he kind of looks like someone I knew. But that would be impossible." Evelyn gives her an odd look, trying to figure this woman out. The doors open again, this time to a shorter man, covered in snow. "Storm picked up." He shakes himself and Delly lets out a gasp. Artemis just rises his brow, but his eyes slowly narrow. "Can't be.." She frowns as she readies a spell since she really didn't have a weapon on her. "I thought you dead." Artemis slowly pulls out Chillrend. "Could have said the look, different." She lets out a low growl. "How I look is none of your concern. If yer here, then Drizzt is here." "He is, I suggest you lower your weapon?" "Why would I...?" Evelyn was giving the woman a death glare. "Care to tell me what's going on here?" The woman slowly lowers her arms, to many people against her to try anything. "Aye some answers would be welcomed, because you look far to much like Cattie-brie." Evelyn rises her brow, she knows the name all to well.

She lets out a low sigh. "I am Cattie....was, I remember dying. Then, I was alive again, I could remember everything. But I had a new home, parents...but it never felt right. So I fled, to the Harpell's for help, and they lead me here. The trip was rough and I was told I would never be able to return..." Artemis crosses his arms. "A lot of time has past." She sneers at him. "Aye, but I still remember everything you did. You almost killed Drizzt, that's the only reason you're here right? To finish what you started?!" "No." She was caught of guard by that. "I ended up here by accident, Drizzt and Jarlaxle followed some time after I ended up here. Eighteen years have past, we've long gone past.....everything." She bites her lip, then her eyes turn to Adrian, then everything clicks as to why he looked so familiar. That was his son, she had no idea someone like him would be capable of such a thing. "Drizzt is fine, he works for the Companions. If you don't believe me, I'm sure my wife will show you." She staggers at this bit of news nd turns to Evelyn. "He's not wrong." She shakes her head at this, unable to believe a word of it. What kind of strange place did she find herself in? It takes a few minutes, but she slowly seems to calm down. "Fine, I would like to see him." Artemis just nods and heads out, poor Adrian looking confused. Evelyn just pats him on the back. "Come on, we'll explain later." She waves to Cattie-brie, or whatever her name was now and the woman soon follows. Evelyn leads the way to the Hall of Attainment.

She was able to teleport them to Whiterun, all of them was used to this by now. But the poor woman was knocked for a loop. Evelyn made sure she was okay before moving forward. Evelyn makes her way to Jorrvaskr, unsure if Drizzt was even around. Most of the members have moved on, a few were still there. Vilkas and Farkas were still around, as well as Aela, Ria, and Kharjo. Njada had left to find her own path. No one was ever sure what became of Torvar. Athis was still around, but was out on a job. Like always, the minute Evelyn walks in, Farkas was the first to greet her. He might be a bit older and was starting to shoe gray hair, he would still pick her up and bear-hug her. She struggles a bit, and Adrian just chuckles slightly. "I think uncle might be outside." 'Delly' turns at this, but follows after him. "Uncle?" "Sure, he might be a dark elf, but he's taught me a lot over the years." He speaks like it's no big deal. Sure enough he finds the elf, sitting outside, working on his blades. He bows his head and wonders off to let the two be alone. Drizzt doesn't take notice at first as he runs a dry cloth over his blade. Twinkle was slowly starting to show signs of age, but with some work it will be good as new. He hears a sound and glances up, he froze, thinking he finally lost his mind. He rubs his eyes but when he sees she was still there he throws his sword. He wraps his arms around her, just to make sure she was real. He pulls away, looking into her eyes. "How?" "I was brought back..."

Drizzt looks her over. There were a few changes, but it was still her. But he could hardly believe it. "You were reincarnated?" She bites her lip and nods. "That's what I'm thinking...I never stopped thinking about you. I even went to Silverymoon..." Her lip trembles and Drizzt hugs her tightly. He can't imagine what she saw. "I looked everywhere for you, but the hall was closed....our home..." Drizzt only hugs her tighter. "I'm so sorry. and Jarlaxle, left. With everything that happened, I'm surprised there was enough magic to get you here." She lets out a low sniff. "It wasn't easy, the wizards there told me it was one way and I was okay with that. Why did you come here?" Drizzt takes a moment to answer. "Jarlaxle had a hunch Artemis was somewhere else. so we ended up here on Nirn. It's completely separate of our old home. We made a life here ever since." She glances around before turning her eyes back to him. "You're really okay with Artemis wondering around?" He lets out a soft laugh. "It wasn't easy, but we've moved past everything. I know it's hard to believe, you haven't been here to see it all. But he has changed." "I still can't believe it...but seeing he has a son now.." She shakes her head slightly It was so much to take in. The only thing that had been on her mind was to find Drizzt. That had been the only thing keeping her going all this time. She pulls him in, but pauses before she could kiss him. So much time had past, what if he moved on? Before she could even ask he pulls her into him and kisses her deeply.

Meanwhile Evelyn was sitting with her friends, talking with them. Eorlund had stepped down, his daughter taking over. She had gotten married to Jon Battle-Born ending the long fight between the families once and for all. She knew in time her friends will pass, but she could still spend time with them before that happened. Adrian was doing his own thing, making his way to Breezehome. He never felt he was a part of the Companions, he didn't study the art of fighting like they did. As he reaches the home, a young woman stops him. It takes him a minute to realize it was Braith. The girl used to pick on some of the boys, but had stopped. She then had turned her gaze on him and it made him strangely nervous. He's had a few girls hit on him over time. But he was never really sure how to handle it. Or even what to really say. "Braith...." She gives him a warm smile, she turned out to be a rather lovely woman. Dark skin, short neatly cut hair. She was wearing far to much makeup however. "Adrian, it feels like it's been ages since I last saw you.." He shuffles a bit. "Been away at the collage." She rises her brow at him. "You really want to be a mage? What a waste, you can do better." His frowns at her. She still had a habit of putting others down. "What I do is none of your business, now leave." He reaches to open the door, but she stops him, lowering her outfit just a touch. He lets out a low sound but looks away. "I'm serious, I'm not interested." She ignores this, showing him more of her body. "You know you want me~" He has enough and shoves her out of the way. "Come near me again, and that pretty face will be nothing but mush..." He goes inside and slams the door.

He leans against the door, shaking. He really didn't know how to handle these things well. Still he waits and after a few minutes peeks outside. She was gone and he lets out a deep sigh. Once he was sure it was safe he wonders off to find his father. Artemis was sitting outside, under the Gildergreen. He was waiting for Evelyn, knowing how long she could take he didn't mind the quiet. He glances up as his son joins him. "Where did you go?" "Home...tried to before I was found.." Adrian rubs the back of his head as he looks the other way. "Some of the girls have been hitting on me. But..." He shakes his head after a moment. "It feels...strange." Artemis rises his brow at him. Evelyn never held interest in anyone when she was younger. It wasn't until years later when she ended up with him. "Your mother was the same. Nobles coming after her, she was never interested." Adrian glances up at this. "Really?" "They only wanted one thing." Adrian pauses before he answers. "Sex?" "More or less, yes." Adrian looks down, he knew all of that, Evelyn and even Artemis told him anything he wanted to know. She didn't want the poor boy to grow up not knowing the basics of life and how it all worked. "I just don't think I'm interested in finding a girlfriend....lover, whatever." He wasn't sure how to put it into words, but all he really knew is girls didn't catch his interest. No one did. "That's your choice." He turns his head to his father. "What you do is up to you. Me and your mother aren't going to force you into a relationship you're not ready for." Adrian doesn't say anything at first but slowly nods.

Artemis watches his son. He still can't believe how much time had past. He was a good man. Young but smart, though he at a lot to learn still. "Take your time, I didn't met your mother until I was well into my forties.." Adrian already knew most of this, but chuckles. "So how old are you?" Artemis lets out a huff. "It hardly matters, not that you would believe me. You know I won't age like others. The same for your mother..." "I know, it's strange to know both my parents still look so young compared to everyone else." He smiles brightly. "But that just means I have more time with you both. At least until you get tired of me bothering you." Artemis lets out a low chuckle. "Son, you're hardly a bother, even if you worry a lot." Adrian leans his head to the side. "It's more over thinking. It's something mum does a lot. She over thinks everything." "That she does." Artemis shakes his head as he slowly gets up. "Speaking of which she's taking to long." Adrian joins him to go find her still talking to her fellow members. It was slowly getting late and Artemis has to drag her out after awhile. She just blinks and gives Artemis a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I was trying to get more information.." She wanted to see if she missed anything during their trip overseas. They hadn't really missed much other then a few changes. The war was long forgotten about so that was a plus. Still most people still saw her as the one in charge, that would never change it seems. However more dragons had been sighted, so she told her friends she would look into it. She was still the Dragonborn after all.